OP-1 MIDI implementation

Hey fellow OP-1 lovers.

I’m really looking into buying a Elektron Digitakt since I have heard and seen a lot of great stuff about it and as far as I understand the functionalities of the Digitakt I really think it would be a great add on to my OP-1 both in terms of composing/recording and playing live.

But I am very new when it comes to the MIDI world and therefore I’m seeking help with you guys. As far as I understand the Elektron Digitakt is well known for it’s ability to send multiple MIDI signals and my question is if I can get the Elektron Digitakt to control the four tape tracks on the OP-1? (and yes, I am aware that I need a usb host to change the midi from 5-pin to usb - I’m thinking of buying the Kenton usb Midi host)

Okay, so here’s a hypothetical example of what I want to do:

  • I have created a nice drum pattern(pattern 1) on the Digitakt and I now want that pattern to trigger/start tape track 1(and only track 1 = track 2, 3 & 4 muted) on the OP-1 where I have some nice ambience synths playing.

  • I have also created another drum pattern(pattern 2) on the Digitakt which I want to trigger/start tape track 2(and only track 2 = track 1, 3 & 4 muted) on the OP-1 where I have som synths playing new chords.

Can I make the Digitakt control the OP-1 tape tracks like this? So that the tapes play/unmute individually according to the drum pattern I play on the Digitakt?

(Just as an info: despite my lack of MIDI skills I somehow managed to get my Logic Pro X to trigger the tape tracks when I press play in Logic. So I know that the tapes does have the ability to be MIDI triggered. But still the question is if they can be triggered separately/individually?(Regardless of whether it’s the Digitakt or Logic that is sending the MIDI…?) )

(English isn’t my first tongue so sorry for any spelling/grammar errors)

Thanks in advance!

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