OP-1 Prices (New and Second Hand)

Recently been kind of regretting selling the OP-1 and missing the fun go-to-ness of the thing for a daft little jam so I’ve been keeping my eye on some on ebay.

Think I sold mine for just over £500 with some accessories. Now they are going for £600-700+ yowch!

Just me having a little moan :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here; now back in the market and been waiting for a few months now.

Never have I bought hardware, sell it only to buy it back again. Well, not until the OP-1.

The limitations that I felt were too much, we actually just enough. I now find myself liking constraints on my modular system too. Forces me down a certain path.

What’s going on here then…?


I got pretty much what I paid for it. (Minus postage cost and hardcase).

What's going on here then...?


absolute bellend mate. he puts one up every now and then for an inflated price then reduces it in the last few hours. i messaged him to say why is he trying to rip people off, he just said “don’t buy it then”

But these are bids… starting price was £450. I see one of the bidders has feedback of 0, he’s probably bidding himself I guess. Twat. (Pardon my French)

^ yes those profiles have 0 feedback so probably alternative accounts or got his girl or friends to make accounts and bid.

Somebody paying £960 though. wtf!?!?!

My dealer seems to have stock at (local currency equivalent of) 740GBP new, so yeah, anyone willing to pay 960, please get in touch :slight_smile:

Just bought one in the UK, had 12 or 9 months interest free finance on it as well if you wanted. They emailed me as soon as i ordered it and said “Sorry our website was wrong we don’t have any in stock.” :confused: Apparently they will be getting stock in this week which they will be able to sort my order out with, altho there website says it won’t be any stock till the 31st, so i am not holding out much hope I have a feeling they are just stringing me along. Amazon prime has ruined me, having to wait for things is not what it is about. stamps foot i want it now.

I see musicians friend has bumped up the price as well. Was $849, now $899.

So did guitar center. It was $849 and it went up out of the blue… I believe it was between last Thursday and Friday.

I had to pay $900 to get a new one and wait for about a couple weeks.

Just heard from Sweetwater that TE has pushed back the availability date to July 6. Wow.

Bought one on Friday from GAK for £749 - they price matched an online store at the time

Just bought mine new for £699 from The Conran Shop (https://www.conranshop.co.uk/lifestyle/music/op-1.html).

I wonder if there is a component shortage?

Nice find on the Conran Shop! :slight_smile:

Really nice shop too - just been checking out the furniture.

Analog Fours selling for less than OP-1’s on eBay.

Shit is fuct up!

Love my OP-1 and glad I got it in December for $849 new. I seriously didn’t want to pay that for it originally but now, looking back, it’s my favorite piece of gear, my favorite instrument and I LOVE IT! worth every dime!

Now that @dustmason has created the op1.fun site, I can only imagine that there will be a rush to purchase and the stock will be low for a time. I hope that for the OP-1, that it becomes very very popular!!

I was surprised last month when a friend brought in an OP-1 to sell on consignment at the local synth shop and wanted $820 or $840 USD as the listing price. It’s in beautiful shape but I couldn’t believe they were going for that much.

I’d been neglecting my OP-1 for a while and wondered if I should do the same but instead it inspired me to re-evaluate it and I’m having crazy fun with it again!

It’s a hard thing to sell for sure. I attempted to a few times but kept falling in love with it.

But did end up selling it in the end which I massively regret.