OP-1 replacement key *caps*?

hi folks,

don’t ask me how but, with the help of Frankfurt airport security, I managed to lose an OP-1 keycap (pictured).

anyone know/have experience getting just the key caps replaced? I am really not keen on having to buy a £75 keybed just to replace one key…

I’ve emailed TE of course but thought I’d ask here too.

Yes TE will sell you individual key caps. Just tell them which one you need. I broke one of mine and replaced it.

Ah really, I also thought only the whole keybed can be replaced. Then I can buy a new < key. I scratched mine off with my finger nails, ha!

Do you live in germany? I replaced the keyboard and still have the old. I can send you the key cap for free if you live in germany.

Heads up it’ll take a little bit of time to arrive to you, don’t get too frustrated and learn a workaround haha. But it’ll be like $8 or something for the key

thanks all. no word from TE yet but that’s to be expected this time of year. mushroots, sent you a PM.

I answered your PM but i’m not sure how the messages work on this side. I will try it again

How much do individual caps cost? Would buying a whole set come cheaper?

Hi, I would also like some key caps, if possible.

The < and the first left black note.
Will pay for the shipping to Germany - an ebay seller went AWOL aafter selling it to me with keys only being described as loose, but being actually much worse…

Thanks - I was stupid to ask this ind of question for more than a year!

i did get a message back from TE, they will sell you individual caps, just contact support for details.

In need of the same keycap mentioned in the original post.

Anyone out there have a key cap to sell?
TE took almost a week to reply to my email to tell me that they are out of stock and dont know when they will have them back in.



As I mentioned it a while ago on another similar thread (https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/52546/#Comment_52546), someone is selling replacement keycaps for 9 € each: Pièces détachées - Keys Parts / Touches de remplacement à l'unité (Ile-de-France) - Audiofanzine. The ad is still active :slight_smile:

Thanks Artson. I contacted him but he no longer has the keycap I need.
I need a flat/sharp keycap…
If anyone out there has a line on one I would pay a premium (within reason).
Its crazy that on one and TE will reply any more (last reply from them was over a month ago and no replies to the last 3 follow ups).

Thanks in advance to anyone that can assist.

wonder if anyone has tried 3D modelling/printing new key caps?

I just finally got a response from TE (after 2 months) and they will not sell me individual keys.
They will only sell me the whole set.

Putting some feelers out there to see if anyone else needs individual key caps and would be willing to buy some from me if I get the whole set?


Hey I would be keen to buy 5 of the white keys if you are interested? Cheers

The full set is back in stock on ifixit, FYI: https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Parts/OP-1-Keyboard/IF237-001-1

I have a keyboard now that I am looking to part out. If anyone needs key caps, scissor clips or other keyboard related parts, PM me.



Hi, I’m new here and so it doesn’t look like I can DM. I make music and videos as Lightbath and have broken my OP-1 Shift Key Cap. Do you (or anybody else) know where I can get a replacement for that single key?