OP-1 screen protector poor fit: is it really necessary?

Based on one review at Amazon and one or two mentions elsewhere, I was led to believe that the screen covering of my new OP-1 is a cheap, soft plastic that is extremely easily scratched (even by wiping to clean it). So I bought the official OP-1 screen protector, which I applied immediately out of the box, with no dust or anything else touching either the screen or the protector in the process.

However, the entire outer perimeter of the screen protector has a nasty “bubble,” making like a “bubble picture frame” around all four edges of the screen. The entire center portion of the screen is perfect. I let it sit for 24 hours, and nothing changed. Then I lifted the protector with clear tape and tried to reposition it a few times, with exactly the same results.

I can’t help thinking that either this accessory is a piece of junk, or maybe the plastic cover of my OP-1 screen is ever so slightly warped (convex maybe). I only managed to find one, poor quality, YouTube video showing application of the screen protector, and no bubbles at all were apparent.

I’m not a screen protector person, and I don’t even intend to travel with my OP-1. However, I’d be more than annoyed if such an expensive and nice-looking device, which also depends heavily on its nice screen for use and enjoyment, ended up with scratches on the screen simply from cleaning it with a microfiber cloth (which inevitably could have fine dust particles on it).

I’d certainly hate to possibly needlessly exchange the OP-1 based on a hunch that the screen cover is mis-shapen. I’d also hate to have to screw around with custom cutting third-party screen protectors, etc.

Can anyone give me any advice on the screen protector accessory, or else convince me that the comments I read about the soft screen plastic were overblown?

Well, the screen of the OP-1 is terrible. I´m fucking cautious with my synths and that damn thing got scratched wiping to clean it, as mentioned on the Amazon comments. If I could travel in time, I should surely get the screen protector.

Well I appreciate the confirmation of that. Unfortunately, I still have to figure out why the protector sucks, at least on my screen. I wouldn’t give a second thought to paying the $14 for a two-cent piece of plastic, if it actually was transparent edge to edge…

in my experience, installing a screen protector on any device is usually a do-or-die type situation.

sometimes it goes on clean, other times it doesn’t.

i actually just bought a screen protector for a nintendo ds bc they had em on clearance at target and cut it to size for my op1 screen.

Since posting, I discovered someone on this forum who reprinted an email from TE, sometime around July 2014, where they said they had recently changed the display glass to a more scratch resistant plastic. The Amazon review I read saying that the screen was ridiculously scratch-prone was from December 2013. I’m not sure when “aeoner’s” OP-1 was manufactured. Mine is brand-new, so I wonder how this plays into the need for a protector, considering I’m really only concerned about not scratching the screen when cleaning off fingerprints and dust.

I have one of the first OP-1 and yes it was pretty scratchable. I had a whole warning thread about the screen protector. If it doesn’t go on straight the first time and you try to re-adjust it WILL get the bubble around the edge. You have to get it right the first time, even if its crooked I recommend keeping it rather than getting the bubble. Other than that I think it is a fine product, you just need to know that one important tidbit. Hopefully the next person to get a screen protector does a search and finds this thread.

Well, mine went on straight the first time (as far as I can tell). I put it on in one shot, and the bubble around all four edges was immediately apparent. Can you point me to your warning thread? I’ve tried searching on this forum and have had a hard time coming up with much.

…never had any problem with the screen…

^^ I think @Virtual_Flannel 's screen protector thread was hosted on the deceased ohpeewon forum, so no way to get to that.

LAUNE: can you elaborate, when was your OP-1 made (pre- or post-screen cover improvement)? And do you occasionally clean it with a cloth or your shirt or whatever, with no resulting hairline scratches or anything?

@rungabic: i clean it with a microfibre-sheet comes with my imac…no chemicals or liquids. how can i check the productiondate?

@LAUNE Check here:



This thread gives serial number/date ranges – you should be able to approximate yours from here. However, I think the serial number is only on a sticker on the original box, or else inside the I/O compartment of the device, so not sure how easily you can get to yours:


I bought a pack of 5 iPhone screen protectors from eBay (that I’d never use on my iPhone!!) for about $2 - cut them up and used them on the OP-1. Cheap, and if you get a bubble - throw it away and put another on.

I got my OP-1 a little over a month ago and the screen protector ended up being back ordered so I’ve been going without. I was nervous based on what I read, but I’m thinking the screens must not be so prone to scratching now. I lost the micro fiber cloth I was using so I have been very gently using a t-shirt or flannel and haven’t had any issues so far.

I’ll probably get some cheaper iphone screen protectors or something rather than wait for the $14 one to be back in stock…

LaughingAnimal – thanks for letting me know. It does sound like maybe this is a non-issue now, which is comforting. Again, I’m really only interested in being able to use a soft cloth (or yes, a soft t-shirt) to wipe off fingerprints and dust. I’m not worried about the display getting scratched by keys or other things like that.

I’ll probably attempt to cut down a generic screen protector to be safe, but if ends up looking like crap because of uneven cutting, bubbles, or lack of clarity, I may take it on faith that TE’s “upgraded” screen cover is good enough to resist scratching from normal cleaning.

@rungabic: my serial is TE002-011070

Hi LAUNE – that’s interesting, because although your serial number range doesn’t appear on the chart in that other post, presumably it was made sometime in late 2013, which would seem to be earlier than when they upgraded the screen cover. Regardless, glad you haven’t had any issues.

Just an update for those who care: I received a second official TE screen protector today. I put it on in one fell swoop, and I got the same disastrous “picture frame bubble” (see attached photo – note that my application was ever so slightly crooked, but the first one went on perfectly straight, yet the bubble was exactly the same – also note that blue thing on the left side is just a reflection of a light fixture overhead).

I intend to try custom cutting a generic screen protector, but I suspect that unless I cut it significantly smaller than the dimensions of the screen cover, I might run into the same problem…unless I find a screen protector that’s much thinner and less rigid than the official one, in which case maybe it will adhere better to the screen cover at the edges.

I can’t help thinking that maybe my OP-1’s screen cover is slightly mis-shapen, but I really don’t feel like exchanging the unit itself – that would be a drag.

Or, maybe I can just forget about this whole screen protector adventure, and assume that TE’s “upgraded” screen cover can handle light cleaning of fingerprints without developing scratching. That’s all I’m really interested in…

6 months ago I found a Copter screen protector for Blackberry Bold 9900 reduced at a UK shop Clas Ohlson.It is excellent(boasts “created for military use”).If you can still find one or similar I can highly recommend.Bubbles sorted themselves out after a few hours.