OP-1 Stands.

where can i get one of these?


What stands do you guys use?

these were never released. i also wanted to buy one. i talked to them in person and they said maybe they could clean up the files and release it as a 3D printer file. email TE and let them know you want one!

That’s a shame. Cheers for the info.

I’ll send TE an email.


These always looked pretty good:

I have one of these for my Minibrute - could be used for other synths as well:

Someone around these parts uses one of these:


add a second for better stability.

Nice. Cheers guys!

you could always go the K’nex route… :slight_smile:

setup pics | Flickr

you could always go the K'nex route... :)

think what you want, knex is legit one of the better options, if you have the knex and the skillz…

I’m not knocking it at all. It just looks insane ; )

I use a Reloop laptop stand for the OP-1 and the Waldorf Pulse 2:


Before settling down at this setup I used to use a Reloop interface stand which is great for standalone mode (hehe…) and even has the same hole spacing as the OP-1, so u can screw the synth onto the stand. Will post a photo later.

Found the photos of the original “standalone” mode. Before you ask: yes, this is very solid and stable, no wobbling or other funny movements. :slight_smile: My creative workspace is quite limited but still I need everything I regularly use at hand so I elevate a little this and that. :slight_smile:

The Reloop laptop stand I posted earlier looks like this and is still available:


The interface stand, however, is officially discontinued by Reloop but is still in stock at some DJ stores.

That’s me @krism, and I’d agree that two would better for stability, or a longer one if it exists.

Thanks again guys!

@KrisM @Kites
I’ve just ordered a couple of the Anker multi-angle stands. We’ll see how i get on with them.


edit: problem fixed

This stand isn’t that great for the OP-1 as such because of the tall lip at the bottom, but it does work if you have a piece of foam to add height below the OP-1.

However, this stand is excellent for other gear and is at a perfect angle!
The Elektron gear fits well on them.


Funny how three people (so far) all have the IKEA laptop stands. Mine is green, and was actually used by my laptop(s).

if I sell my Elektrons those Reloop stands are on my list to organize the compactness even further.


This would have been great!



perfect stand that never was o.O