Hi everybody! I bought and OP-1 a year ago and as we all know its an AMAZING device, but I having a tough time trying to sync it. The gear I would like to sync is my OP-1, some analog gear (volcas, drumbrute and microbrute) and an ipad air 2 (using the Samplr app for example. I want to clock-sync them so I can use each device’s own sequencers live on the fly. I don’t want to use a computer at all and I heard I can do that using some midi devices as kenton or the iconnectmidi 4+. Is that correct? If I buy one of those midi interfaces what else should I do? Is it just plug and play or do I need anything else? My skills in this area are almost none so PLEASE I need your help explained in a very easy way so I can get it right. Im quite desperated by now so ANY help would be more than welcome. Thank you guys for your time and attention.

Often plug and play is fine (I use icm4).
You will need to set sync options on each device and choose a master .
Some people have had difficulty keeping looped OP-1 tape in sync with other sequencers , but the seq’s on OP 1 will be fine . Depends how you work with that. I have had success recording other machines to OP-1 tape then finishing off on OP 1 solo.

I would also like to know how it is possible to sync the OP1 with Modular stuff like mother-32 with CV not midi.

The Sync signal from OP1 via split-cable does not sync the mother-32. maybe the signal is too weak. Any suggestions on how to sync it without midi?

Hmmm-- I’m able sync from OP-1 to 0-Coast alright, and o thought Mother-32 and 0-Coast were the same kind of signal.

The Kenton usb midi host works for syncing op-1 with analog or digital gear. The limitation is the number of connections. It has a usb input (from op-1) and a midi in and midi out. I run the midi out to a drum machine midi in. Make sure op-1 is transmitting on channel 10. I go out of the drum midi out to a midi expander (1 in, 4 out) and run to 4 other synths to keep them all in sync. The same process (without the drum machine; op-1 on midi channel 1) can control other synths directly from midi out from Kenton device. Good luck.


Does anyone know if the Mpc One, Live can sync the Op-1 directly?


Edit: just found this thread.