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Just found a pretty useful thing. I don’t know, maybe i just missed it and it is well known feature.

Consider you are using drums with endless sequencer, and it is running the sequence. If you switch to synth page [1] and start to tweak knobs, those tweakings will affect all drum sounds that currently playing in a sequence. For example, you turn blue knob (pitch) down, and while you turning it both bass drum and hihat was played, both will be pitched down. And if you press note keys, entire sequence will be pitched to corresponding key.

But if you press SHIFT+key, instead of pitching it will choose certain drum sound, and moreover, it will “focus” on that sound, and now only this sound will be affected by knobs. I find it veeery handy to tweak drum sequence live, or mute some sounds on the go by turning volume of with SHIFT+RED, or similar stuff. This also works with pattern and finger sequencers, but difference is that with pattern sequencer pressing SHIFT+NOTE will both choose the sound and triggers it simultaneously, so it can be less handy to tweak sounds, but you can add some sounds over the sequence.


Didn’t know that about the shift, good work!


@tralivallo this is really cool, I’ve needed this precise trick for ages ! Thx a lot !!


yeah that is a great tip!


Well, amazing weekend, another stupid find that even was in manual (8.9) but i just missed this super useful thing. Every time when i wanted to merge two tape tracks i had to do that fiddly resample-with-ear thing. But it turns out that i just need to lift all 4 track simultaneously (by shift+lift) and than drop it to drum sampler. It merges tracks perfectly with mixer volumes! Then just record to from sampler to desired track. Synth sampler works too. It just a fresh air to my workflow. 12 seconds is limiting, but for me “ear” overdub resampling for track merging is so much worse.


And there is another one: stereo panning effect. I know stereo stuff on op-1 is the pain, but i like that stereo left-to-right lfo-type effect, and i found the way how to do it. Little nonintuitive, but very easy. So, when you made some sound on the tape, you can just lift it to the drum sampler, than implement Tremolo LFO. Set rate to speed you want to sound pan from channel to channel. Green parameter to 0, and white parameter to quite large value. I find that 40 or so works good. Then record this sound with LFO to the tape. Then change white parameter of the LFO to same negative value, e.g. -40. Record sound to another tape track. Now hard pan these two tracks to left and right. Volume of sound will vary in opposite phase on the left and right channels, making that panning effect. Works well!

Consider you are using drums with endless sequencer, and it is running the sequence. If you switch to synth page [1] and start to tweak knobs, those tweakings will affect all drum sounds that currently playing in a sequence.

@tralivallo I don’t understand. When I switch to synth, the drum endless sequencer stops playing… how do you do it?


@vil sorry for unclearness, i meaned not synth instrument but drum instrument, page under [1] button, where you edit your drum sampler sounds or dbox sounds. To better understand try to choose dbox drum synth, make sequence just 4 steps long with four different drums one after another (like bass drum snare hihat tom). Then run it by red knob, press [1] page to return to dbox synth settings, and try to continuously tweak any knob. Then try to press shift + note that represent one of your sounds (e.g. bass drum), and again tweak same knob. First time all sounds will be changing, second time only chosen sound (e.g. your bass drum).


Just blew my own mind, you can lift/drop finger sequences!!!


is there a way to place longer samples into the finger sequencer? i use a lot of drum break pieces but it seems both the finger and the other grid ( the name escapes me) truncate them down to single drum hits.


@camelCase the grid sequencer is called pattern.

I don’t think you can read long sequences within these sequencers.

Maybe try sketch, as you can have long lines.


Yes Sketch is good for long sample loops and breaks.
You can set samples to one shot/play till end with orange in Drum sampler .It still needs a mute group or mono-ise for better break sampling with finger.But doable if you spend time cutting your sample lengths, then set to oneshot.


thank you. i actually saw a way to do it with the endless sequencer in a zulu monk video


You can always try dropping the tempo, to a half, a quarter, etc of the original.


For some really eerie percussive ambience, take a kick drum loop and a bass loop and run them through a light reverb and then through phone. Set tone really low, telematic to 99, and fiddle around with phonic.


Hey, new to the forum and new to op1 in general.

Stumbled on this, always lift and drop the tape track. That way if you flub up on overdubbing a track, you can just drop the old lifted track back on again and try again. Found this a nice way to keep the track numbers down instead of using up the tracks too quick. basically you can ‘overwrite’ with the drop. kind of a nice ‘undo’ on the same tape track.

Hope this isn’t a “duh” thing.



Always thought would be cool if the sequencers ran when in MIDI control mode so I could tweak the CCs while running. Assumed it wouldn’t work, but it does! :slight_smile:


I’m sure this website has already been posted here, so forgive me if this is repetitive.

Whomever started this site and went through all the work, thank you. Well worth the $1 or more donation.
I’m stocked up now!


Sorry - post in error!


One thing in tombola sequencer: holding shift don’ t drop the notes in the sequencer, so you can play a melody while the sequencer is playing on hold…