OP-1 Tracks


Second Work / So much FUN! / OP-1

Don’t Go Too Far
Thank you for listening!



New spacey stuff.




OP-1 -> Strymon BigSky -> Taskam DR-05. No computer editing of any sort. All glitches are intentional. :slight_smile: No, seriously, I’m actually using Grid as the master effect.

This is a “serious test” of my new mini-setup and I actually like it a lot. Strymon makes OP-1 sound like a thousand-dollar synth (which it currently is). DR-05 is super-easy to use and doesn’t require a separate mastering step, unlike their multi-track recorders. I feel like my investments in this hardware are finally paying off. Now I just have to use it to actually record stuff.


Made a new one, Hip Hop-Reggae-Drum n Bass-Style



From a recent EP of 4 track tape chaos and breakdowns. This piece from the OP-1 was included as hey, still on a 4 track. And it’s got a hazy My Bloody Valentine inspired vibe.




next micromixtape on the op-1


new mixtape just op-1 and fx



Hi guys,

I just put out this beat tape produced exclusively on the op-1.

I used both synth and drum sampler, as well as endless sequencer. Samples for the most part come from LPs dug at various charity bargain bins in London.

All beats consist of one 4-track loop and various tape tricks and mutes to keep it fresh to listen to and fun to play. Each performance was then recorded on album. No external sound processing was used.

I’m very happy about the result. The picture is from my street and in the very far back you can see the London skyline.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did producing it!

An experiment with some effects pedals.



amazing output here

@Overseas_Territory : this is way cool! distinctively OP1 but the also not. wanna share what FX you used?. good stuff!

@toesthecat : very tasty. always a fan of cascading FX, what’s the one in the middle? (mental note, need more delay)
edit: well. reading helps. it’s a ventris reverb =)


@tasmansea thanks so much, it was just a eno overdrive, a lo-fi junky, a strymon el capstan and a digitech digital reverb


@tasmansea Thanks. Sorry about the reflection obscuring the pedal name. It’s a fantastic reverb!


I have been very busy with work and the kids last year and this track has been in my head for a long time now… The result is not up to what I imagined but I think I am done anyway. Guitar recorded with Biasfx.


Hi there,
I have an OP-1 for a bit more than a year and I used it for several track but it's the first time I do a track only with it. This is a techno track with a heavy rythme and an extensive use of the COW and the spring verb. I hope you'll enjoy it : https://soundcloud.com/user-588788063/psychorigide


Hi op-people!
New track called GEKKOS



lo-fi ambient vaporwave: https://soundcloud.com/servando/fet3

Just released this EP - its entirely made with the OP-1. No edits where done afterwards, just digitally mastered.




Hey pals, not sure if I shared this properly. Thought y’all might enjoy something really different from the more electronic op1 jams <3





Some hard stuff made on the OP-1 only :slight_smile: