OP-1 Tracks


Hi Op-people! Get some hip-hop vibez with my tune called NEPTUNE



Super tune! Made my evening… Solid performance as usual :slight_smile: @bobritsky

Hi Op-people! Get some hip-hop vibez with my tune called NEPTUNE


Beautiful song, I like how relaxed and on time your performance are. Listened on repeat.


Thanks for kind words guys!

KA-BOOM https://youtu.be/NHzmm7vcyns

Nice track bro! but quite short ))
looking for some more!


Part 2 of my OP-1 / 4-track mixtape, this time i also sampled a few sounds off of VCV rack into the op-1(fun)





I’ve been lurking here for a while (and loving everyone’s stuff!), and I think it’s time I share some of my own work. It’s mostly ambient, beats, and some techno. I keep the playlist updated regularly with new experiments. Check it out if you have a moment!



A collection of beats made on the op1 while in aus and nz the past couple of months


I finished this beat today - started out as an experiment in panning and turned into one of my favourite tracks so far. I’m travelling India at the moment so this is entirely OP-1, I am using a USB OTG to get album aifs onto my phone where I convert and upload them. The didgeridoo and mouth harp were sampled from a lovely dude I met in the mountains in the north :slight_smile: make sure to listen with headphones!


@Overseas_Territory really like these mixtapes mate. I’ve permanently got my Lo-Fi Junky after the OP-1, best gear combo! You just running the OP-1 output thru pedals on to a 4-track here?


@cretakano thanks! yeah its an awesome pedal right, yeah the only other pedal was just a delay


A lil’ outdoor jam with a friend on a sunny baseball field (with the accompanying local baseball game in background). Op1 + volca sample + nanoloop + mini kp3 chained together and recorded in all its glorious lo-fi way with an iphone mic. Post-edit in Ableton.



Two version of the same track. One is slower tempo, uses external FX unit and computer mastering. Another one is the same thing, but pure OP-1. Bot use the generative drum pattern trick.



Hi there, I’m pretty new on here! I want to share my first track of my solo project…It was made only with a Tascam 414, an OP1 and eurorack modular. Let me know what do you think about it. I hope you enjoy it


so much good stuff on here again - always inspiring to check in on the output of the most creative community on the interwebz.
@ringhof : amazing stuff, can definitely see the mountain(s) in there. really dense work. ‘bendran’ & ‘lux’ being my favs.
@bobritsky : crazy good - inspired me to to do some more performative work. VERY cool and your timing is supreme
@Overseas_Territory : really cool again . I didnt dig the lofi-junky too too much, you made it shine (and me looking at it again)… the intro gave me the chills. grand work. the whole thing has this “clark - the last panthers” feel to it
@Leumann : really cool, love how it sorta resolves at the end - and yet doesn’t
@Gambler : I love the ‘contaminated’ version. I’d play the game that should come with it too =)


adding one too. (has only a very thin layer of OP-1 though)



Recorded a Po33 Beat and Po35 Vocals into the OP-1 and added more sound.



tracked out (vs limited 8-bar loop) version of the recent track made for the current Battle (#55)





Hi Op-people!
Greetings from Montenegro!
OP-1 is a great songwriting tool for holiday!