OP-1 Tracks


Made a small beat for Jamuary using the OP-1 and PO-33. Was really fun to use the live sampling with the mic to add a shaker sound. :smiley:


This is a track I made for battle #3. It’s not listed in the old battles thread, cause back then I couldn’t upload it to soundcloud, the site told me it was already an Ian Pooley track, ha!
Now six years later I tried again and it worked!!

It’s a hippie rock psychedelic organ track. Still one of my best Op-1 tracks I have ever made.

Kind of gangster chase from a 1970’s movie!


I got an entire week off before New Year’s Day, finally got some sleep, and that resulted in a whole bunch of sketches on OP-1.

I uploaded the guitar patch from the second one to op1.fun today. It’s not super-duper advanced and maybe not going to fool anyone into thinking it’s a real guitar, but it still sounds clean and “acoustic”, plus you can add LFOs and FX on top of it, since it does not use any.


Here are two ambient tracks I made with OP-1 synths + some external reverb.
Hope you enjoy)


my jams culminated into an actual track for #jamuary2019


my first track for fawm, op-1 only…


My last #Jamuary2019 jams. It was super fun and challenging! I’ll do it again next year hopefully. You guys (and gals) had some awesome and super inspiring stuff. Thanks for that!!!




Another op-1 only FAWM track


some Maurice Ravel works synthesized and remixed on OP-1 (retro lounge / trip hop) :v:


What’s up, everyone. I’ve released a track created w/ OP-1 and MPC Live up over at Bandcamp. Please have a listen there, if so inclined! Hope you enjoy it.


New track up on YouTube- paying homage to the great Robert Fripp, King Crimson, and the Frippertronics tone. Please listen!


That’s always good stuff of yours! Both!


I enjoyed that! I liked the tone a lot, track structure and the buildup was nice too.


My first ever recorded piece of music, a cover of Videotape by Radiohead.

Listen with headphones :slightly_smiling_face:

This was a way for me to learn and experiment with electronic music without getting bored. The song’s hidden complexity made it fun. The piano was played into the tape live. I used Chocolate Pianos VST on Ableton and recorded on the tape as I played. It took three overdubs as I was using the AKAI Mini 25 keyboard and only one hand (the other was holding down the note hold button). It was only after I was finished with all three takes I learned how to bounce tracks on the OP-1! OH well, the nerves were worth it.

The drums were played in live from a Drumbrute Impact. I created three basic patterns to choose as I wanted them, and twiddled the volume and pitch knobs while randomly adding other hits on the sequence. It was fun. It took a few attempts and still is nowhere near what I wanted but it’ll do for now.

Everything else is pure OP-1.

I have a ton to learn, I play piano but electronic music is very new. And the OP-1 has hidden depth. Loving it. Going to do something original next.


Wow! In any case, good job, I enjoyed listening to that. Also I had fun reading about syncopation in that track, nice find.

I’m posting something I’ve recorded recently. This is 100% OP-1, I’m playing again with CWO :cow: and varying tape delay, this time trying to achieve something more musical. Craziness starts in the second half of the track, somewhere around 1:20.


I’ve just finished 14 op-1 only tracks for FAWM,
I own an op-1 since two years but i don’t really used it a lot, so i decided to use only op-1 for a month and then decide to sell it or not… as result… I will never sell it and now i want even an op-z :smiley:


Was taking down notes as I listened, enjoy some random scribbles:

Track 1: Liked the sounds. Track 2: The intro was too loud and too rhythmical for me, liked it more after that, but eventually skipped, not my style. Track 3: Cool sounds, cool buildup, enjoyed it. Track 4: Smooth, snappy, almost jazzy, I like it. Track 5: I like the harmonies. I’d replace the voices with something more melodic, maybe in the high registry; it’s a personal preference though. Track 6: Simple, minimal, pure joy. Curious, how did you record that, is that arpeggiator/sequencer or are you playing manually? Track 7: I like flowing sounds. Track 8: I liked how the voices were morphed into something else with effects! Track 9: Slow, nice buildup; the track progression seems very natural; I enjoyed this one a lot. Track 10: This one is awesome as well. Maybe a tiny bit too static somewhere around the middle. I liked the ending. Track 11: Awesome harmonies, rhythms, this sounds great. Here the ending could be more complex. Track 12: Drums are a bit too rough for me, especially in the first part; this could be personal preference. I like the second half a lot. Track 13: Like it a lot! Track 14: This one too.

Overall: :+1:, I enjoyed listening to this.


Thank you for the feedback!!! really appreciated :slight_smile:
Track 6 is all sequenced with finger sequencer, i was in doubt because i wish it had a more natural feeling but my timing sucks… :slight_smile:


two extra tracks made during Battle 59 era, but deserters, due to over-saturation.