OP-1 Tracks


Both good. First one: :+1: Second one: :+1::+1:
Also, wow, you really liked those Battle 59 rules! :slightly_smiling_face:


New post, new avatar, new track.

Actually this is something Iโ€™ve made earlier but didnโ€™t trim and upload yet. With delay, reverb and filters controlled by LFOs, itโ€™s an extremely calm piece. Good night, I mean, enjoy!


Decided to start a thing. Every time I have a coffee in a real coffee shop Iโ€™ll make a track. Here is the first:

Itโ€™s all 100% OP-1. Made the drum samples from hitting things and manipulating the results. To be honest making the bass drum sound took the most time, the rest of the track took literally a few minutes. It was so much fun I decided to do it every time I go.

Done for fun, not sure how it sounds.



Track for battle 59. Unfortunately, I didnโ€™t finish it in time.


Just got my new op-1 this week (my 3rd:joy:) and Iโ€™m so glad to be back with this amazing instrument. I tried the mpc live, toraiz sp-16 and the digitakt and nothing could compare. I decided to put a upload a beat tape of a collection of beats from the past 5/6 years. I think there are only 2 or 3 that didnโ€™t use the op-1. Most are all op-1