OP-1 Tracks

I bought a DJ controller and started mixing all the songs I have created with the OP-1, OP-Z, PO’s. If you got some time to kill - mixcloud.com/timebeam

Playing around with the OP-1 and an old copy of Reason…


Here’s a little jam I made this morning. Please Enjoy.

this time it’s our pleasure to introduce…

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quick jam utilizing some samples from recent vinyl record acquisitions.

My first attempt at techno on OP-1:

Really good, one of my favourite OP-1 pieces. Could you offer a quick explanation of how you put it together?

Thanks man!
I’ll try my best for an explanation, though I started many months ago so I’m not sure I can completely remember. I think I started with those two synth lines that begin the track, probably both sequenced with endless and the FM engine. The drums were made with a patch that uses a random modulation on the CWO effect, which I recorded to the tape messing with the tape speed as I went to create pitch up and down effects. I then cut up the best bits of those drum recordings and resequenced them on the tape. I then reinforced those drums with more layers, which I then bounced all-together on to one tape track, trying to give them more punch through the master EQ and drive/compressor thing. After that I work on the arrangement and layered up the synth parts quite a bit. Finally, when playing through the track I had two different memorised EQ settings, one brighter and the other duller, which I swap between for the drop sections and builds.

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Thanks a lot… what an effort! You really show the potential of the OP-1.

What is this?

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messin around on the thing.

slowin it down on the thing.

getting moody and things

Second EP of mine with the OP-1. Available on Bandcamp and Spotify (etc). Cheers girls and boys! :sunglasses:

I guess the excellent track from the 12 operators collaboration belongs here :slight_smile:

Thanks @Zach_Lambert for launching this project, and everyone involved for your awesome participation: I’m amazed at the result, especially the 11 transitions!
Much love for OP-1 and more generally music in such track, tells a lot about this community.


You guys okay if I get this on Small Ops? This is so dope…

Of course :slight_smile:

messing around with the OP on summer vacation.

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regarding above…

hoping to one day surpass the same number of tracks and posts @sammyjams has on this thread!

(slowly but surely) :stuck_out_tongue: