Hey guys, I just had an idea for a collaboration between 12 users who are interested in it.

Each user (first come, first serve) is going to contribute 30 seconds of OP-1 madness. With the tape having 6 mins of space we have 12 people who can design 30 seconds + max. 3 seconds for a transition from the user before him.

I don’t know if there is a better solution to that (please tell me if you have a better idea!) but I’d say that everybody has to feed in the contributions of the user(s) before via the OP1’s line in and then play his own 30 secs.

There are no rules regarding style or sound, the whole track should only sound organic and coherent in the end. It’s title will be “12”.

If we can find 12 people who are interested, I would note down all names and draw the order.

Any ideas how to improve this? Anyone interested? Sounds like a lot of fun to me.


I would be in, but my op-1 is unreliable at the moment, so I’d be afraid of not being able to follow through. It’s a cool idea :slight_smile:

Sounds great! How bout something to tie the bits together? A sample or a sound that everybody uses? Pass the contributions by copying the track files or album file instead of using the line-in?

I’m in anyway. =)

Vehka, that’s a brilliant idea and I’m an idiot because I didn’t come up myself with that idea. XD

Let’s do it like that - we’ll always pass on the 4 tape files. I’ll make a DropBox-Folder.

Actually I’d try it without any sample or sounds that everybody looses. No limits - maybe the first cobtribution is going to provide the perfect hook or whatever… But I wouldn’t say no if everybody wanted that.

Great to have you in, buddy!

Ah, and good luck with your OP-1 ludicrouSpeed! I hope you’ll be able
to join soon!

So is the current person building on the previous ideas of everyone? Like it is one track that is just being created 30 seconds at a time?

You’ve got it! But the previous ideas have to stay untouched - only the last 3 seconds may be used for transition.

After sleeping over it, I realised sharing just the tape files is not enough – the mixer section is missing. On the other hand, if we just share an album bounce, the risk is that the end result gets compressed too much. So, we need to think about this some more!

Then we should maybe agree to leave the master section untouched? All track volumes at 99, no global effects, no pannings. What do you think?

I’m down!

Great! 9 more people to go! :slight_smile:


No other people interested?

I’m up for it!

I’m in as well.

I have 6 hours of train tomorrow, totally fits :smiley:

Great! We still need 7 people though. But we could also make a shorter track with 8 or 10 people. We’re 5 now!

still need to work out the kinks of sharing the bits. How bout track 1 hard panned left, track 2 hard panned right, tracks 3 and 4 in the center? and no master compressor/effects, or maybe those are applied in the end, perhaps by @Zach_Lambert? might be a bit tricky to achieve consistent levels. I think it makes sense to think about this a bit, once we create a nice workflow we could do more of these sound collages. we can also start making this before we have the full dozen, right?

Ok, let’s do that! T1 panned left, T2 panned right, T3&4 centered. No global effects. But we could leave master at 60 (drive) and 30 (release), which works pretty well in most cases. Everybody has to deal with these default settings, which can be demanding but inspiring, too.

Sure, we can start today if you want. Who’s going to start? Would you mind if I used random.org to find out the order?

Yeah, stupid me, the compressor won’t be recorded so we can decide in advance! I thought its effects would be multiplied as we pass the files. Need more coffee… 60 is a bit much IMHO, but I’m ok with that – we’ll get a pounding track. =)

Random order sounds fine to me!

Nice! I’ll do that later and post the order here!