LOVEARTH: a new collab project!

So, the previous collab ended pretty well…

Shall we do another one?

IMO the previous constraints were good ones, could be cool to keep them [edit: new constraints edited]

  • Track 1 half-panned left [edited]
  • Track 2 half-panned right [edited]
  • Tracks 3 and 4 center
  • Drive to 60, release 30
  • No Master EQ, no master FX
  • 12 people x 30s of sound
  • 128 bpm [edited]
  • share your patches :slight_smile:

I would like to suggest “lovearth” as main theme, if it can give ideas to the participants…
I’ve been watching Apollo movie with Eno soundtrack lately and I enjoyed being filled with love for this little island of beauty we call Earth…

Who’s in?

@Vehka 4
@Zach_Lambert 1
@LyingDalai 2
@mixrasta 8
@TiboDzi 5
@quarantequatre 6
@motone 3
@beefinator 7

Any other operator as well, of course :wink:


I‘m in! But since I‘m on vacation, I can’t be one of the first maybe 3 contributors…

Great topic! Thanks for starting this one @LyingDalai !

What’s the BPM this time?

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Me in!

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I suggest that the person designated to start choose the bpm. Unless you have a proposition that fits the theme :wink:

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I’m in!


Definitely in!

Just read the original thread, and I think the workflow that we agreed upon was good. Couldn’t think of any improvements, anyway.


I’m in !


Sure !

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Don’t be shy guys! Who else wants to participate? Still five slots available. :slight_smile:


i’m in

anyone else want to consider having tracks 1&2 not hardpanned, just like half left and half right?

also, do we pass on the patch banks? or just master tape? Would be cool for some extra optional continuity

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I will contribute to it as well!


I count 4 free slots !

People, don’t forget to vote for a track name for previous collab :wink:

I have a BPM proposition, but not a theme-related one. Since we have 30 seconds per person, why don’t we use a BPM of 128? That way everybody has 16 bars of music. I’m not saying this necessarily makes for better or more interesting collaborations, but perhaps we could try it this one time?

Also, re: @beefinator’s suggestion for panning, works for me!

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128 sounds good to me :slight_smile:
I’ll write it down together with the panning option in the original post.

Shall we start while waiting for the eventual participants?

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I think we should start already! Just randomize the participation order, unless somebody especially wants to start? Also, we need a Google Drive folder or something to exchange the tape files.


Yes, let’s rock! But as I said, I‘m on vacation and took the OP-Z with me, so please make me one of the last in the list.

What is the benefit of the half panning? I think the hard panning makes for a wider sound, so…?

I’m too preferring hard pan, as you can do half pan with hard pan, but not the other way around.
I don’t think it matters very much, though.

Operators, here is the result of the randomization:

  1. @Vehka
  2. @beefinator
  3. @LyingDalai
  4. @TiboDzi
  5. @mixrasta
  6. @motone
  7. @quarantequatre
  8. @Zach_Lambert
  9. @Fusket1134
  10. @flybry

We’re still missing 2 people, please feel free to join in!

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Personal preference. I don’t tend to hard-pan stuff, and my own workflow for tracking/recording/dubbing makes it difficult/impossible to double-record stuff to half-pan. Also don’t like the sound of double-tracking a mono thing, when I don’t want the double-tracked image effect

down for whatever in the end

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Ok, I have no real preference, I’m all for trying something different :slight_smile:

People please vote for previous collab track name:

I’d love to release it…