Op 1F delivery updates/ info


I thought I’d put a topic together for those who are patiently waiting for their OP-1F to arrive.

Main info I know is from the email received from TE - shipping will be 2/3 weeks from placing the order. (Based in the UK). I placed the order very soon after the announcement email went out (within the hour) so I’m hoping my OP1F will be shipped next week?! Maybe wishful thinking, but can he hopeful!

Anyone else have any shipping/delivery updates?

Side note:

I know there’s lots of controversy about the OP1F’s pricing. I’ve weighed up the pros and cons and taken the plunge… it’s everyone’s individual choice how they spend their money. It would be great if this chat didn’t become another ‘it’s too expensive’ thread. Thanks.


I just spoke with TE customer service, (who were very responsive by the way). They couldn’t give any precise delivery/shipping information and were still working through their logistics issues. No updates to lead times, so I can only go by the original 2 to 3 week delivery lead time emailed through last week.

I’m still hoping for shipping to be confirmed for the next week or 2.

I did see on another chat somewhere that Thomann were expecting their delivery of OP1F’s in June and July (x2 batches). So the next 2 to 3 weeks might be accurate.


Thanks for posting that info.

I ordered about 6 or 7 hours after the announcement I think. I’m in the USA. TE said in the email confirmation of my order “please allow up to 45 days for you item to ship”

Ordered within a half hour of the announcement (USA) and the email I got says 2-3 weeks for shipping. Not sure if the 45 days line includes the very fist batch of orders.

One concern - the first batch of op-z they sent out and then decided last minute to change the graphics on subsequent orders.

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Legitimate concern based on the OP-Z experience, but to (hopefully) put you at ease: the layout/icons here are very similar if not exact to the original OP-1, just the color scheme has changed. Whereas the OP-Z was an entirely new product at the time. I think early units will be safe of this issue, BUT that’s all just a thought.

I got the same message in the UK. I wasn’t sure if the 45 day lead time was a US/out of Europe thing. Hopefully it will be 2 to 3 weeks!

I have ordered around 2 hours after the announcement. When I was ordering, te shop page was saying I should expect a shipment around 2-3 weeks. But my confirmation e mail had the figure of 45 days in it. I think I might be somewhere between the first and second batch.

It’s pretty obvious there is no stock. You have paid and now you are waiting for them to be built.

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So anyone paying now and waiting 45 days is funding the production run. It’s a hell of a business model.


I don’t think that’s the case with a healthy and long running company such as TE, they’re not a startup, but at the same time I would feel cheated with this… it’s shown as available on their site (and they told that too at SuperBooth) but at the same time you get a 45 days shipment delay? what’s that new definition of available? Elektron may not have their status, but this time they’ve (literally) delivered: Syntakt ordered on launch day, shipped less than 24h later, delivered less than a week after launch, firmware 1.0 with almost no bugs…

Perhaps it’s a very slow ship. :joy:

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Well I haven’t paid anything yet, I don’t see they pulled the founds from my card. (I was using paypal) maybe we should be more understanding that bad things can happen, they are also humans after all.

TE took the total amount as soon as I bought it.

No. They are a business fronted by a German aristocrat. If you are happy lending them money then that’s fine isn’t it? Let’s say tithe mark up is 100%, that means you are paying for yours and paying for another one to be manufactured which they will sell but you won’t see the profit from. I guess Marx was right after all.

Isn’t that just capitalism?

What other companies ask for 45 days credit? None. Even Go Fund Me businesses give discounts if you pay up front. I was done with TE once my OPZ developed the same problems as everyone else’s and I won’t be giving them anymore of my money.
This is a whole new level of taking the piss. They can only get away with it because of the devotees which is a kind of madness in itself.

Guys, Sometimes I really think people should just let their opinion heard through their money. If you think that’s unacceptable (and this was stated and communicated with you through web shop and order mails) then cancel your order or don’t order it to begin with. Buy through a reseller or wait for a price discount. I bought and paid products from apple before that I waited more than 30 days for it to arrive to me which have similar price margins and such. I don’t think te are perfect and flawless but honestly I feel like some of the hate on their product / launches seems a lot more personal and for drama sake.


I am just a regular guy and this is my hobby. I was quite excited for this piece of gear and wanted to share the excitement with other similar people online since my friends are not really into such stuff. But the endless hate about everything possible just making me not enjoy it anymore. Do we really need this in our lives ?


When I ordered my TD27 it took quite a while to show up, I think like 2-3 weeks? And this was a product that was out in the market for months at that point.

These guys are trying their best, they are a relatively small team making products for a pretty large market.

Can we please not make this another ‘it’s too expensive’ chat? There are too many to start with. I did post that when I first started this thread.

If you think TE are being unscrupulous, or think they are charging too much, please can you set up your own thread.