OP-Z app for OS X



It looks like TE released a version of the OP-Z app for Mac OS X

A dude in the facebook group made an icon that looks better in the dock

OP-Z app on macOS
OP-Z App?

Wow thats great. Bummer my computer doesn’t support. Bluetooth le but usb it does.


Yeah I can’t get my OP-Z to connect to the MacBook over Bluetooth


I wish there was a way to pin the mixer screen. I don’t really need to see the app any more to work the machine, but having access to a mixer without buying some hardware would be cool.


Were you able to connect through Bluetooth


The first 38 seconds of this video shows what to do. If your OP-Z doesn’t show up in the connection menu, press the bluetooth button on the underside of the OP-Z.


Thank you! It worked!


Anytime mate!


Does anyone have any idea how to add pictures to Photomatic in the MacOS version of the app? Nothing happens when I click the camera icon in the top right corner on my version.


If you right click the application and click “show package contents” and go to Contents > Resources > Data > StreamingAssets there’s a photomatic folder that contains the stock images for the app. However I’ve tried adding a “2” folder with some .jpgs in it and no joy.


None of keijiro video packs work in OSX.

I am also having no luck with adding anything to photomatic. So far I have tried creating a 2 folder and placing images with the same names as the original photos. I have tried moving the original photos into a 2 folder. I also tried replacing the photos in the 1 folder with files with the same name.


Same issues here after testing a few things - checked all the associated .json files and the image properties too. The only thing I see a difference in is the image colour profile for the original TE images but I don’t believe that should make a difference. So, no luck with different packs for photomatic.

I replaced the entire photomatic folder with the same one I have on my iPhone by copying it over from iTunes file sharing and only the ROLL number 1 shows up. If I try copying that into any of the other folders it still does not show up.

Nothing happening when I click the camera icon too so I guess the app needs some work!


It’s great that they’ve finally expanded to include MacOS, but I wish they would make an Android app instead of just iOS & Mac apps…

I have an S7 and Pixel 2XL I’m holding onto and I want to use one of them as a dedicated OP-Z device.


I think TE agrees with you to. Porting the app to OS X was probably way easier.


Yeah I’ve seen that, I wish they could have made Android a priority but I definitely understand going for the low-hanging fruit.

I’d love to get a timeline, but I know meeting schedules isn’t really TE’s strong suit so I don’t think I would trust it anyway… :wink: