OP-Z app for OS X

It looks like TE released a version of the OP-Z app for Mac OS X

A dude in the facebook group made an icon that looks better in the dock


Wow thats great. Bummer my computer doesn’t support. Bluetooth le but usb it does.


Yeah I can’t get my OP-Z to connect to the MacBook over Bluetooth

I wish there was a way to pin the mixer screen. I don’t really need to see the app any more to work the machine, but having access to a mixer without buying some hardware would be cool.

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Were you able to connect through Bluetooth

The first 38 seconds of this video shows what to do. If your OP-Z doesn’t show up in the connection menu, press the bluetooth button on the underside of the OP-Z.


Thank you! It worked!

Anytime mate!

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Does anyone have any idea how to add pictures to Photomatic in the MacOS version of the app? Nothing happens when I click the camera icon in the top right corner on my version.


If you right click the application and click “show package contents” and go to Contents > Resources > Data > StreamingAssets there’s a photomatic folder that contains the stock images for the app. However I’ve tried adding a “2” folder with some .jpgs in it and no joy.

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None of keijiro video packs work in OSX.

I am also having no luck with adding anything to photomatic. So far I have tried creating a 2 folder and placing images with the same names as the original photos. I have tried moving the original photos into a 2 folder. I also tried replacing the photos in the 1 folder with files with the same name.

Same issues here after testing a few things - checked all the associated .json files and the image properties too. The only thing I see a difference in is the image colour profile for the original TE images but I don’t believe that should make a difference. So, no luck with different packs for photomatic.

I replaced the entire photomatic folder with the same one I have on my iPhone by copying it over from iTunes file sharing and only the ROLL number 1 shows up. If I try copying that into any of the other folders it still does not show up.

Nothing happening when I click the camera icon too so I guess the app needs some work!

It’s great that they’ve finally expanded to include MacOS, but I wish they would make an Android app instead of just iOS & Mac apps…

I have an S7 and Pixel 2XL I’m holding onto and I want to use one of them as a dedicated OP-Z device.

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I think TE agrees with you to. Porting the app to OS X was probably way easier.

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Yeah I’ve seen that, I wish they could have made Android a priority but I definitely understand going for the low-hanging fruit.

I’d love to get a timeline, but I know meeting schedules isn’t really TE’s strong suit so I don’t think I would trust it anyway… :wink:

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What mode does the opz have to be in for me to see those specific photomatic folders? ive really been wanting to use the photomatic option but have had zero luck with it. I’m never able to import a picture from my devices into a roll, it just shows up blank

I also have not been able to get photomatic to work with OS X. Works fine for me on Android and IOS but no OSX.

same here. osx development seems dead. or at least drastically outdated.

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any update on this?

I have not tried since I posted this. I have been using the android app most of the time.

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