Op-z app loses bluetooth connection when adding new effects

I have the latest firmware and the most updated app. Last night, I added some of the new synth engines using the app, no problem. Today, when I tried to add a couple of the newer effects on FX1 or FX2, every single time I hit commit, it tries to sync and then loses the connection. I have restarted the app and restarted the op-z many times. The behavior is repeatable every single time. Has anyone had this happen? Any guesses as to what might be causing this? The only other thing I know to do is restart my phone and if that doesn’t work, should I factory reset? Need advice. Thanks.

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Just tried it with the Mac OS app on laptop and the behavior is exactly the same. This is the definition of a bug, correct? I filled out a support ticket with TE. I just want to try the new fx. How easy is a factory reset? Guess I’m about to look that up in the manual. Wish me luck.

I’m just adding to this thread in case it happens to someone else. This is definitely a bug. Adding new plugs on the audio tracks works perfectly but trying to add the new fx on fx tracks kills bluetooth connection every time. So basically, I can’t try out the newer effects which is kind of bummer considering how much money I just spent. I’m on iOS 13 with the updated op-z app, reinstalled app, factory reset the op-z and it’s still happening. I can’t be the only person this is happening to. Like I said, I have a support ticket in but, it’s a holiday…
I know this is minor and it shouldn’t bother me too much but it does. This simple function should just work.

Try going back a version. I never loaded the new one. It works fine on the previous.

I’m on 12.26 btw.

How would I do that? I’m on a new phone and this seems like the only version available.

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Go to downloads on the website. They are all there. You can load it from your phone.

The strange thing is that it does this on the Mac OS app as well. That’s not weird to anyone but me? I’ll try your suggestion. Thank you

Explain to me how to load it from my phone. Downloaded it to my phone but it’s just a file that won’t do anything. Should I haver downloaded it to my computer. Thanks for your help

Maybe we’re talking about two different things. I see where to download the firmware but I already have the new firmware on the op-z. I was thinking about the app. The app is causing the trouble (I think). I’m just wondering how everyone else is getting to use the new effects if they’re currently updated without it killing their bluetooth connection…

What I’m suggesting is installing the previous version .26 as that functions perfectly within the app.

Gotcha. Will try that. My point is I shouldn’t have to you know? I might try it with my previous phone just in case this combination of iPhone SE and op-z app is wonky for some reason. I’m just surprised no one else has run into this.

I think they’ve signed NDAs

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It was a banking holiday in Sweden so they still haven’t gotten back to me. Do you think it’s safe/advisable to downgrade my firmware? The more I think about this, the more annoyed I get. I’ve done everything right on my end and I cannot use the new effects. It’s just aggravating. It has to be the hardware because the disconnection happens no matter what version of the app or what device I use. I would STILL like to hear from anyone who has had the same experience. I have done the following: factory reset, uninstall app/reinstall- on two iPhones and a MacBook Pro.

should be fine to downgrade. pretty sure i’ve read many ppl here doing it.

seems to me every time they update the Z something else breaks.

just take a deep breath man :slight_smile:

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You’re right, everything is gonna be OKAY.
Maybe I will try it tonight. Expect a panicked alarmist thread if something goes wrong. That’s just my personality.

Well, nothing helpful from TE support. It’s like the guy didn’t really read my support tickets and emails. He basically directed me to the app that was updated 2 weeks ago. I already did all this. Guess I’m on my own with figuring this out. Really not a good way to start the day.

Went back and got the previous firmware and now it works. Again, this forum made it possible. Thanks!

Next question (seems like I’m having a dialogue with myself a lot here :nerd_face:) : Since I have the new effects loaded in the op-z, can I put the newest firmware back on the op-z and keep the effects configured the way they are now? The newest firmware was not letting me load them, but now that they are loaded, maybe I can upgrade back to the new firmware and enjoy all the new benefits (like locking screens, etc.). If anyone wants to weigh in on this theory…

If anyone has the time to red through this thread, I’m just wondering what some of the experts think. Should I try to put 1.2.28 back on my op-z since I finally got the new fx synced to it?