OP-Z Audio Through? Using another synth with OP-Z without needing a mixer?

Hi there, I’ve recently got an Elektron Model Cycles and I’ve been enjoying playing with it and the OP-Z at the same time. I’d like to be able to do this without also needing to carry a mixer and it seems the OP-Z can do audio-through?:


Is anyone here doing this? Does it work well? I’m guessing I’ll need some sort of double socket 3.5mm cable. Would I need to use something to convert the Elektron’s line level to mic level?


I guess the easiest/safest way to tame a line level input is using an iRig 2 as an external input device with the OP-Z.
I myself am using a simple TRRS-splitter cable with devices that have their own volume control, but it is not recommended.


Thanks for the reply. Does it work well for you, generally?

For me it works quite well, but I don’t use it too often.
A nice addition would be a possibility of panning the incoming signal or have more possibilities of integrating it to the mix in general.


would love to see the ability to host Class compliant USB Audio Interfaces…basically to realize something like this:

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@Othytim This works definetely. I sequence a behringer model d and a microfreak with the opz. The synth output have their own volume control but still go into a little mono line mixer (behringer mx400, 20€). From there I get a mono line signal which runs into a trrs splitter cabel connected to the line out of the opz.

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Thank you for that info, that little mixer is a welcome discovery!
Would you be kind and show which trrs splitter you use? The mixer alone opens up for sampling layered signals at once with OP-Z and 1 :star_struck:

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Sure, I use

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turned out that I’ve got one of those, and one of the cables from the elektron audio/cv kit to connect the mixer to the splitter :slight_smile:

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Man I have that same interface. It’s not so hot on the ipad but I got it for $24 on Amazon lol

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I use the audio through in a couple of ways:

  1. I’ve used the audio through to watch tutorials on my computer while also working along with my OP-Z. This works over USB!

  2. I also connect my iPhone directly to my OP-Z. Press SCREEN+3 to listen to your iPhone over USB.

  3. All your other non-USB devices can come in to the OP-Z with an iRig 2. Then you press SCREEN+1 or SCREEN+2 (I always forget) to monitor.


Screen+2 doesn’t work on my OP-Z. The option isn’t available. The 1 button is lit (and pressing it I can toggle on/off the internal mic), but the 2 button is not lit and nothing happens when I press Screen+2. I’m wondering if the splitter cable I got is any good.
Please can someone check their OP-Z and let me know if they can make the 2 button light without a splitter cable plugged in? I’m wondering if its the splitter cable I got or a problem with my op-z, as that 2 option just isn’t available at all for me.

it’s the spiltter cable! when you got the right part (irig 2) for instance, nr 2 will light up.

without anything attached there’s no option to select em, same with USB audio

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Thanks, the splitter cable I got was about £2 so no surprise really! I know there’s some splitter recommendations on this forum, so I’ll look into it properly later. Cheers.

I use the trrs Y cable and the Tascam iXZ

The first is not officially ‘approved’ but works just fine…second is cool too.

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This continues to drive me nuts. A plain mic/phones splitter works, but only sometimes. It cuts out, seemingly in time with the music. Could it be reacting to an incoming audio signal?


Yeah, it’s a tricky one with a splitter. I’ve noticed that sometimes if the incoming signal is a bit too loud then it shuts off. This happens especially with a loud beat, so I can see why it seems to happen in time with the music. You have to keep that incoming audio turned down a bit more than you’d like. Also I find that I have to turn the OP-Z on before I turn on the other device, otherwise the option just isn’t there.

Thanks. Keeping it turned down certainly helps. I’m using this trick so I can hear the OP-1 and OP-Z together with just one set of headphones and without a mixer — OP-1 into OP-Z, listen via splitter.

It works pretty well, in an emergency. Too quiet though.

NO DOT use a straight splitter cable as the audio in is designed for powering an external headset mic and putting in an amplified source is very risky even if it has a volume control!
The iRig 2 is designed for changing the level/impedance for line level signals, has no hiss and means you can run in hot signals without fear of overloading the OP-Z input.
You can also run external in into the FX but as far as I know its only an on/off affair although a YT vid claims there’s some send when you hold down a top function button I’m so I’m not sure is this was changed in an update. I wish they would sort this out as I’d like to have an FX send rather than on/off.

I’ve dusted off a little Roland Go mixer to use instead, when I’m just listening to two devices at once (OP-Z and whatever else).

If I wan to sample, or send audio through the OP-Z’s tape track for remixing, I just use the usb instead.

It’s not as neat, and there are more cables, but it’s 100% predictable, which is worth a lot.