OP-Z Battles?

I may have missed the post, but have there not been any OP-Z battles? I used to enjoy the OP-1 ones.

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Let’s do it. Enough people have them now.

I’m in.

Im definitely in

I’m in aswell.


What are the rules for battles? Can anyone start one? Because I have an idea for one that could be fun.

The person who sets the battle makes the rules. You have volunteered to set the ball rolling… go for it! Set a new topic and hopefully the admins can add an OP-Z Battles sub forum. :slight_smile:

What we will need:

  • A deadline (a month seems about right)
  • Rules for post editing (OP1 battles were usually bounce to tape… here I think a clean bounce and upload to somewhere like Soundcloud or YouTube etc probably best
  • Any other rules (i.e. samplepaks to use, limitations on number of patterns, steps, FX types, etc - as many or as few as you like)
  • Any themes?

Best if it’s OP-Z only so everyone can get involved.


OP-Z Battle 0001 here

Sub-category added :slight_smile: