OP-Z EXOTIC Connectivity Tricks

this is awesome, im glad you are making your own set ups :1st_place_medal:
im not sure what numbers “178, 177, 176” refere to.
but i use this numbers for modulating master volume.
i would make an dynamic control element that has this perimeters:

there is no cc for master volume, so im utilizing master filter, that has same effect as volume.
… master filter modulation range must go from 0-64 not from 0-127 other wise it will over modulate filter perimeter. you can adjust cc output range in MiDiFlow app.

it only possible in wireless set up (Bluetooth midi to MiDiFire app on your phone) if you are using wired set up, you are limited to 0-127cc range.

…list of ALL roli dashboard apps:

…awesome to explore with OP-Z.

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Cheers @FunkyJunky

I’m controlling the master filter now as well :grinning:. I’m halving and rounding the level and it’s working great.

Getting into this, changing stuff on the Z, monitoring the MIDI traffic, and then making changes to the littlefoot code accordingly. Will add support for pattern changes next, I reckon.

Thanks again for the help

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Hi @FunkyJunky, quick question please regarding your lightpad controllers.

How are you changing pattern without changing project each time?

Every pattern on every project appears to have it’s own code so when you send the pattern change it needs the code for the new pattern specific to the current project. I have tried changing ‘Alt Program Change’ in MIDI setup but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.


you make a note grid on the ROLI, than you relate note value to cc value,
so first note is cc00 and very last note is cc127 . cc address number must be cc103
but first we have to change the note range, because your controller doesn’t start with C-2. so that it fits your controller. than you have to limit cc range , cc127 is way to high, it needs to go up to cc15.
than this whole preset must be sent to the channel number that is the same as your project number… so if you are working on 3rd project, send this remapping to channel3.
i made a diagram below, hope it clarifies this method:

i want to clarify midi terminology. in midi perimeters have names cc0 to cc127 that tell witch knobs/perimeter is modulated and values cc00 to cc127 that tell how much is modulated. in this project we use perimeter 103 and modulate it from cc0 to cc15.

Thanks very much @FunkyJunky, I really appreciate the detailed response and image. I think it makes sense to me now. I’ve been a professional software developer for over 25 years but never done any MIDI stuff so it’s a learning experience and all good :wink:

It’s what I expected to be honest, you can’t simply send a value 0-15 to change pattern and stay in the current project, each pattern has it’s own value, relative to the project it is in. So, I’ve sorted this by adding the project select at the same time as pattern select. That way the block knows the current project when the pattern change request is made and can calculate the correct value for the project/pattern.

I’ve also added mute group change as well so it’s coming along nicely :grinning:


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simple bluetooth button upgrade
i often use bluetooth midi connection. the original bluetooth button on the back is kinda mushy, and after long use i had to press it really hard to activate it :confounded:
…so i have devised a simple solution for it.
just took a simple apart,

than i have removed the clicky membrane
and stick it on the back of the original button.

its so much better than before. bluetooth button click now like a regular button., and i can feel the click👍


I just had to jump in to say this thread is just so cool. You have really come up with some creative things with your Z, funky. Really makes me look at the unit in a new way. Keep up the awesome work!!


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