OP-Z External Input

So, as the manual suggests, you can plug wired TRRS Apple headphones into the OP-Z and use the attached inline microphone, if, and only if, you press the play button on the Apple headphones. This means you could theoretically input any sound into the OP-Z, but you need to build this proprietary Apple “play” signal into the signal path somewhere, which is kind of a bummer. I wish you could just enable/disable the input with a button combo on the OP-Z itself so you could use headphone mic splitters or those iRig adaptors. Seems like an odd or intentionally restricted design choice. Does anyone have any suggestions other than making my own cable out of Apple headphones? Maybe a bunch of us should reach out to TE?

I thought about that too…theoretically you should be able to wire another mic to the cable I think. But I’m not so much of a tech-dude myself.

u could easily use a trrs splitter with two stereo inputs like one for mic and the other for headphones. the Sound then goes straight out of the OP-Z line out but won‘t be affected by any FX or Filter etc.

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Probably because they want to sell you a module with a input.

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^^^^maybe use this or

ive seen people use av cables? to trrs and then just converting with attachments or snipping and resoldering like this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality1-8-3-5mm-4P-mini-AV-TRRS-angled-plug-to-3-RCA-female-jack/32240877944.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.d1924c4dNEkIHF

The problem is not splitting out the channels. That is the easy part. The problem is the proprietary signal created by Apple that the OP-Z expects before turning the input channel on. See my original post above.

There are headphones with detachable cables that work with iPhones. Maybe one of those would work — you could even use it to take a signal from a mixer.

What would you do with the sound once it got into the OP-Z though? As far as I see, it just passes the signal through to the speaker.

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Do you mind sharing a link the product you are referring to?

You can actually pump the microphone through the effects and through the tape track.

you don‘t need a separate button for the mic. at least the line in signal has nothing to do with the mic mode on OP-Z. if you put in an apple headphone it will use the mic mode.

yeah it’s just straight to the output, no gain control,fx etc.

This has not been my experience. When I plug in Apple headphone I need to press the Apple “play” button to enable input (as the manuel suggests). I can then route the Apple headphone mic into the tape and effects (see my comment above), and change the mic volume as normal (as the manuel suggests).

I have cable that splits out the stereo output and mono input from the TRRS jack, but this proprietary Apple signal is still needed to enable the input, and furthermore, it needs to occur in the circuit before the input, so I will probably have to hack something together myself or wait for TE to come up with a solution.

Its prolly just a switch yo ground or w.e. just look up a schem and replicate it.

It unfortunately is a specific signal in the supersonic frequency range.

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I think I understand what you mean. I will give this a shot and report back. This method would most likely pickup sound from the headphones with inline microphone/button AND whatever I plug directly in on the other side of the splitter, but I think it is the best option right now, short of making my own Frankenstein cable.

with a Button you‘ll activate the mic mode with all it’s functions, without a button it’s just a audio thru mode.

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Huh, interesting! My OP-Z does not pass any audio through without the button. Maybe we are on different firmware?

some interesting reading. http://david.carne.ca/shuffle_hax/shuffle_remote.html ?


Great find!

I don’t have a link. The cable came with a pair of headphones, and detaches. It works with the OP-Z, although I need to do something so I can actually listen to it too!

same OS 1.17 it’s trrs to a red mic input and a green headphone output, this way iam routing my Mopho through the op-z.

maybe you‘re right! maybe it’s just a bad cable that passes the Audio through like without touching anything inside OP-Z because as i’ve turned the connection a little bit the mic mode popped up, with an orange led near the mic. after different turns it wasn‘t available at all.

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