OP-Z External Input


Guys -

It’s not a proprietary Apple signal, it’s just the wiring of the headset…


That said, this is type of wiring just works for a Microphone input built into the cabling not an external signal.

What I’m trying to make is a TRRS to TRRS cable with a button on it to activate the “microphone in” function that works the same as when a headset is plugged in.

I followed the attached schematic but had to alter it since the destination of the TRRS cable coming from the OP-Z is another TRRS plug rather than two speakers and a microphone… and my cable doesn’t seem to work correctly.

Do I need to add an extra resistor in there to mimic the microphone type of resistance?

I want to connect the OP-Z to the Aux input of an Eventide Mixinglink (this is a bi-directional TRRS jack) and be able to use the OP-Z effects on the output from the Mixinglink.



No it is. Apple and TE do not use the same open-source resistor design that Android uses and that you describe. I already confirmed it and mentioned it in my original post, so I am not sure why people keep trying to contradict me.

As far as I can tell, Apple’s design is very hard to find details on. Luckly @masterofstuff124 found someone who reveres engineered an old pair. Check his link above. Hopefully, Apple hasn’t changed the design since then.

Edit: Here is the link that @masterofstuff124 shared: http://david.carne.ca/shuffle_hax/shuffle_remote.html


I’m going to figure this out… I hope!

I am reading your link - should have read it before. My apologies there.

The reason I didn’t think it was proprietary is I have an off brand headset (Brainwavz https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L2459ZO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_h2aHCbQ06NQD8) which works just like the Apple headset works on the OP-Z and I assumed that if it isn’t Apple and it works that the design wouldn’t be proprietary.

That suggests that my headset copied Both Apple and android designs - or rather whatever extra Apple requires doesn’t break Android capability.

If I can figure this out I’ll share here.


Due to the complexity of building an arduino board with an external power supply to duplicate the apple style control structure of the headset board and not having the apple chip (or duplicate), I’m going to try simply removing a working board from a headset and adapting it for my uses!

Again, I’ll let you know when and if I get it working.


I already ruined two headset wires trying this, hahaha. Just be careful when taking them apart and let me know if you find one that is easy to work with.