OP-Z f/w 1.2.12 and updated app - heads up

See above.


  • redesigned lfo with new shapes, tempo sync and accelero-meter support. read about it here.

  • add lfo to effect tracks

  • add note style option to master track (latch, free). read about it here.

  • add low battery led indication. read about it here.

  • add setting to disable arpeggio. read about it here.

  • softer pop at shortest envelope release setting

  • fix crash when killing notes (TRACK+STOP) on tracks other than the first 8.

  • fix flipped usb audio L/R signal

  • fix occasional pop/noise on tape track

  • fix bug where polyphony note stealing sometimes chose wrong note

  • don’t stall midi output when switching projects while connected to app

  • disregard ‘channel_one_to_active’ setting when processing incoming UI group CC messages

haha…I had thought about that today

amazing how versatile the OP-Z is now with the new lfo destinations! Attack and Vibrato is super sick! updated realtime graphics aswell! LFO goes into audio rate and fattens up the synth engines! wooosh.



One of my favorite things in the Op1 (the lfo-gyro).Awesome to have it in the Opz as well.

Hi I am not so good with using LFOs and would welcome any tips from anyone - beginners advice would be very helpful especially as I found the manual a bit confusing. Thanks a lot

you can use em to Modulate different parameters on each track,

big update! the ability to turn off the arp is so nice.

routing a synth through both fx with applied lfo on all 3 tracks gives such great results!
out of nowhere. :fire:

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I think this is new: when you adjust an LFO parameter, the number keys (1-0) light up to show you the current value of your adjustment. No more having to remember all the color codes!


Also possibly new: when you hold down shift to copy track/pattern/settings, the relevant buttons flash yellow to show you what is going to get copied.

This is great. The OP-Z keeps getting better and better.


Hi just updated but does not allow me to select audio inputs when I press screen. Can only select mike input and not usb or 3.5 inch jack.

My second set of lfo shapes, the triggered ones, are all white… are your guys ones colored like the first six?

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I’ve tried updating bunch of times and it still does it… I guess that’s how is supposed to be… Also my rate knob only has colors for the first fixed settings, the free rate stays purple and gets brighter the fast the lfo goes. This update is sick!! The synths just got a whole lot more interesting… I love the random!!

They have to be plugged in for them to register, and they can be finicky… sometimes you have to plug and unplug a bunch of times…

Anyone knows how to do timestrech like Bruno does here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4gL9VoowYN/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

I recall doing something like granular synthesis on the OP-1 with the gyroscope, is it the same technique?

Same here, but be invented to show that they are the retriever set

Love this update, love the new LFOs and gyro implementation, also love that I can now use the arp track without the arp.

Ok will try that :man_dancing:

Very interesting!

It seems like it is possible now to change the sample starting points outside of sampling mode?

I wish my OP-Z wasn’t in repair right now :expressionless:

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Lil tip if i don’t mistaken. The colors of the led cycle in the same order of the colors of the encoders (green blue yellow red)


there’s a new lfo destination “attack” and I guess he’s using the one but the Gyro is somehow linked to that…