OP-Z/Keystep Mounting

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OP-Z mounted to Keystep using velcro. Braided the cable to shorten and clean things up and added grip encoder covers for s&g. Regular stands didn’t give me a secure feeling and with this setup I can imagine using the OP-Z/Keystep for busking. Now the Keystep needs a keytaur body and we’re all set!


Nice! What are those encoder covers exactly? Just for protection?

I wanted to try grip tape on the actual encoder for a more “tactile” feel but didn’t want to permanently put grip tape on them so I used Lego bits to make a cover (I have a post with Lego part #s/details). Now with the enlarged encoder head you can make parameter changes by sliding your finger over the top edge which is where my fingers naturally go when holding OP-Z not on Keystep.

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Ah that’s a cool idea, might give it a shot.

Re: the Velcro solution — did you try a stand like this one, but preferred the Velcro? Or were you referring to other stands?

I haven’t tried other stands simply because the ones I’ve seen don’t anchor the OP-Z to the Keystep. I treat the OP-Z/Keystep combo like an old Casio and am constantly grabbing it, moving around and playing on my lap. Also, not sure if you have this issue but my OP-Z has a slight warp and I’m hoping this might correct that over time. A stand that only supported the OP-Z on either end seems like it might exacerbate the problem.

Right on, yeah that’s definitely something I’m trying to avoid as well. Were you able to find a good velcro type for this, i.e. something strong that doesn’t gunk up either device too badly?

To be honest I just went with pretty standard velcro, just the wider stuff. My thoughts if I ever needed to remove the actual velcro involved a hairdryer, patience and rubbing alcohol. You really don’t need a strong velcro, with the standard stuff I still take care when removing the OP-Z and break the velcro apart with my fingers in between OP-Z/Keystep instead of just directly pulling up. I imagine just pulling up and you might damage the removable backside.