OP-Z killer

Mc101 seems to be an OP-Z killer. Anybody think so? I might dump the OP-Z but workflow and performance is amazing(besides bugs ). Just sampling manipulations is a bit limiting but maybe it’s still good? OP-Z probably still king.

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I think it will really depend on if you are into sampling or not…for me being a sample obsessed person, I wouldn’t consider buying the MC 101.
If it had proper line-in sampling and samplechopping it would be a good alternative to the OP-Z, but not as it is now.

On the synth side though, I agree…the MC 101 kills the OP-Z

Yea. I myself don’t care much about the current OP-Z sampling capabilities. For one, the line in sampling is hit or miss. Sometimes it works and when it does it sort of low quality due to not being true line in unless being connected to a computer. Right now it’s just microphone level. Also the samples limit is 6 seconds for synth and 12 second for drums. I don’t think the 101 has these kind of limitations in terms of sample length. I get it and it’s the TE way of doing things which I’m cool with but I’m sure OP-Z still has better compositional/performance workflow. OP-Z you can really run out of ideas quickly because of the limits of how many synth slots there are. Drum tracks is fine cause of the 12 second slicing. The sonic abilities of the 101 seem more substantial which I hope the Z can keep up with. Just loosing a little faith in TE at the moment with all hardware/software issues surrounding it. Still love the OP-Z though.

I always find it funny when people say they run out of ideas with synths. The parameters within the synth slots make this near impossible as there are so many different variants available through tweaks and changes. The OP-Z has a fair bit going for it on the synth front, you’ve just got to put in work to find the sounds you want, which is no different from any synth really.


There is a lot of variants but not the right kind which makes it hard to keep it sonically interesting… at least for me.

after seeing loopops comparison I think you’ll find yourself in a lot of menu diving tweaking those presets which sound like GM sounds from Entertainer keyboards.

direct access to the bare bones of synthesis is much faster and the first thing you’ll notice.

if they had gone with the 707 display on the 101 and Bluetooth, line in etc. it would be a good alternative.

it’s a no brainer to control the whole studio with the OP-Z.

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The 101 has no synth parameters changing like the 707, just presets and filter and lfo… no real external synth control, no sampling, plus it’s much bigger. The main thing to me is is Roland vs. TE … I love the quirkiness of TE and wouldn’t really want a cheap Roland anyway. Now the Jupiter xm looks interesting.

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I find the opz has “a sound”. You can’t really make it anything you want. It’s cool, but I hope some of my suggestions are adopted, it would make it extra good I reckon.

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Yeah, it totally depends what you like/need but I’ve heard a wide range of musicians from different genres get different things out of the OP-Z so it’s hardly one dimensional.

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I’m actually thinking of loading a bunch of vsti’s and letting the Z get busy on a DAW lol. So cool

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The beauty of the opz to me is that you make really great structures, and then take it in the studio and run the sequences through other synths, I sometimes use the internal sounds too though, the drums are really good, I mostly use samples… To me the synth engines are good every now and then but I mostly use other sounds. They do have a cool sound to them though.


yess! …and fly you should check out the raspberry pi video I’ve done for midi sync and such. :robot:

the Synth engines are great on the OP-Z (looking at you, String Engine) it’s amazing how natural the strumming sounds are and everybody should take care of the ADSR settings because it’ll form the sound!

If you need a proper mobile synth, check out the model 15 app by Moog it covers more than just bass or blip blops especially when mapped to the OP-Z controls! It’s not just a recreation of the original Model 15 it is a unique synthesizing approach which involves a lot of math and the 14bit knob resolution makes it so damn smooth to operate! Sample it and you’ll never run out of inspiration.


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The MC-101 is my personal op-z killer…
Trying to get rid of the op right now…

I liked the OP-Z… It is most fun to fool around with :slight_smile:

The mc is definitly more playable with the pads and i found most features quickly without the manual.
Projects are a single file with all samples, settings and sequences. So you can have as many as you like on your sdcard. You also can snatch samples or drumkits from other projects or load from wavfiles.

Sound is definitly great and you can tweak sample instruments with filter,attack&decay + fx…
Stutterfx are even configurable… that is so cool…
You can have up to 8 bar patterns which are editable on the step sequencer… That‘s not obvious until you try… There is no indication on the 4 bar leds…

Downside is that usb is not classcompliant.
I have not installed the drivers yet…

I think i have still some things to discover and i guess i will find some weak spots… but for now i found my box :slight_smile:


I looked at the Roland stuff as an OP-Z replacement, but it didn’t seem to click with me. Personally, I think the Elektron Digitakt is my OP-Z killer. I just got one in the mail yesterday and it is crazy how similar they are in terms of the sequencing abilities and overall workflow. I love my OP-Z, but wanted something with better playability and a screen.

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While I tend to argue against the notion that any electronic musical instrument is a (insert instrument) killer or replacement. I also think threads like this have the best, most critical, discussion and comparison of features between devices.

Personally when I look at the mc101 I think about how cool it would be to use the two devices together. Make a bunch of songs on both to be performed live and mix between the two devices with a good mixer.

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Probably would be a really good combo

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Pls post a link. I def wanna see!

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Actually came here to discuss similar topic. A while ago I bought Novation Circuit, as I was waiting for OP-Z but needed some drum machine back then. Then OP-Z came out and i was excited. But when I got it, i was kinda dissapointed by it. I dont get what’s with all the praise OP-Z is getting for workflow, as for me it kinda felt over the top Mortal Kombat type of buttom mashing the combos to get anything done. And with your eyes closed. Dont get me wrong, as i was and still am a bit OP-1 (OP-1) fan and find it’s flow graet. Shift+Track and Track+shift - is the best example of OP-Z problems. Same 2 buttons, different outcomes. It awfully lacks visual feedback. While LEDs in buttons is a nice design idea, implementation leaves you with necessity to keep track of everything inside your head.
I actually liked Circuit for it’s flow, but need to use software to design synths was a big turn off. Also, the need to memorize all the synth parameters for each preset. But the flow is way better on circuit than on OP-Z. At least for live jamming and composing.
I think TE was so obsessed with cramming as much as possible into OP-Z without actually thinking about how it all works together.
Maybe i’m missing the point, idk
But I’m now looking towards ditching OP-Z and Circuit and get MC-101. It feels like a weird medium between the two. Sampling aside (which i never do on devices anyway), MC101 looks as functional as OP-Z, yet more flow-oriented as Circuit, with menu diving applied tacticaly to deepen the features.
limited control of synths in MC-101 is a question also, but OP-Z’s synths dont even have that and sound rather meh, comparing to MC-101, demos of which I found rather great. Plus FX, compressors, equalizers, etc.
If someone comes up with USB module to add sampling to MC101 without the PC it will definatly be a major blow to OP-Z

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Sounds like the opz just isn’t for you… that’s ok…