OP-Z Microphone Noise

As already mentioned in the the discussion from "LED Noise":

I have a noise problem with the internal microphone when sampling. A high pitched whine can be heard throughout the recording which gets louder when raising the input gain:

Could you guys please test if the noise levels/patterns on your device are the same?

I recorded the sample with the OP-Z sitting on my lap, with maybe half a meter of distance to my annoyed face.

In the videos I found online, the sampling quality of the devices seems so much better than mine, which makes me wonder if I have a defective unit.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried to do that at a completely different place? Maybe there is some strong source of EM interference that is being picked up (but as I said in the other thread this is more likely to be digital noise from the OP-Z itself).


Yes, I already walked around with it as if it was a geiger counter :smiley: Unfortunately the interference stayed the same. I also think that the source might be the OP-Z itself.

Years ago I had a similar problem with an OP-1. The noise went into the microphone signal and it even changed depending on what the OP-1 was doing (each operation had its own ‘noise footprint’)

Yes, my OP-1 does that!

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Thanks for testing this!

I hope that others will participate, too.

In the meanwhile I contacted TE support to ask for their opinion on this regard. As soon as I have a response, I’ll keep you updated.

I just received a response:

Thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately this can occur with the OP-Z internal microphone, we recommend you the following tips to avoid unwanted noise:

  • Do not charge your OP-Z while sampling.
  • Get closer to the microphone, due to the distance it picks up more of your surrounding.

Let us know if this works, if not we will assist you with further help.

Until then, we remain at your entire disposal and wish you an excellent day.

Okay, I’ve got some news:

Since there wasn’t a lot of activity on this thread and I need to make my decision on keeping or returning the device, I ordered another OP-Z to have two devices for comparison.

Long story short: The second device’s microphone input is much cleaner. I can’t hear any whine and made the same recording test:

What this means is good and bad at the same time:

  • Good: I am happy (and feel a bit better about my purchase, since the noise really bugged me and made me think about returning the device.)

  • Bad: This also means that the quality variance of the OP-Z is huge and buying a new one is a game of luck.

I will inform TE support about this and return the faulty device to the seller, explaining the situation. As much as I love these products, the quality control has to improve!