op-z MIDI Thread


anyone having midi issues after the update? Im going to try a reinstall and see if things are working okay. Issues using the component channel to send midi out to a synth on midi channel 14.


Yeah. I’m finding a lot of hung notes and altogether drop outs at random times both via Bluetooth and wired.


Im not having drop out issues but more midi out issues. Most likely is just a setting I need to tick in the midi router I am using. Lets see.

Edit: I am a goof… just realized I muted midi out from the midi settings section on the component track


I am trying to disable MIDI program change, something you can’t do from the app, following the guide at 19.3 https://www.teenageengineering.com/guides/op-z/midi

However I seem to be lost. It worked once but it seems something else should be done. maybe there is an extra button I need to press and it is missing in the guide?


Affordable and working great midi din solution for OP-Z:


That looks similar to what I’ve been using. Coincidentally last night I managed to get an apple USB C to A adapter plugged into a very cheap generic 5 pin Midi to USB. The OP-Z is sequencing my Commodore 64 quite well in early tests. Just need to work out what midi ccs are flying around.


Jazzmess, please describe your workflow with reslice and opz. Honestly, I thought reslice could not handle a live audio stream, or I missed something…


No you’re right, there is no live sampling, only with a fixed samples, but you can still play the slices, and play with the parameters. Still this is great fun. But it is miles away from the Octatrack and its live sampling.


Anyone managed to send MIDI CC to OP-1, particularly im trying to modulate OP-1s MIDI LFO with the OP-Z, but also otherways of using the midi cc would be good to know!


what do you do with this cable? I have it, but just the idea of using it… I have a rc505 and want to go through that do my macbook to record the notes into the DAW but it just seems a headf… thinking of forgetting it all and just recording audio


If you turn the knobs while on the first OP-Z page (white LEDs), then the Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac get sent to the OP-1.

You can also use the Sweep step component to send an LFO. Use Filter Up/Down for CC3, and Synth Up/Down for CC3. I may have those numbers backwards. You"ll see it’s working because dots under the controls on the OP-1’s MIDI LFO will move.


what I don’t get is why there is midi out and midi in? if I was to connect this to the rc505 on the out midi can i send the signal through to a macbook?