OP-Z Modes Calculator

OP-Z Modes

Here is my new iPhone and iPad app to display scales and modes used in the OP-Z priced at £1 or $1 in the IOS App Store.

I find it useful to compose in the right mode for the OP-Z to transpose from. It doesn’t always work as the OP-Z can guess a different mode when the notes are similar and you have not used all the notes which makes the mode you want distinct.Please provide any suggestions for improvement or any negative feedback here (or to opzmodes@qlixy.com) for me to fix. Any positive feedback on the App Store welcomed ! :slight_smile:

I hope to release a Mac and PC versions soon (with maybe an Android version currently in the future).


Purchased. I’ll have a fiddle later. :+1:

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I’d love to use it, but Android/PC user here. Looking forward to compatible versions!

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nice work ! still no android version ?

Thanks, it’s coming soon promise.


great = )

nice! I would totally buy this for android cus i cant remember scales.

Purchased. Appreciated. I need to learn scales so this should help.

Thank you! I honestly find it really useful when improvising on my Op-z. There’s an Andoird version on Google play store too for anyone interested.

Hooray for the Android version! Nice work. Exactly what I needed right now.

Thank you, really appreciate the feedback.


Doesn’t op-z let you detune the keys so you can play most of the scales just using the white keys like op1 does?

Hi I saw this in a post but not sure if it works