Op-Z Modules

thread for the Modules, tips tricks or nifty features…

Next Module with knobs posted by TE…


we need more info !?!

Disneyland module with knobs to make disney sounds

A Scottish bagpipe module?


No news about the opz modules.

apparently you need to drive around NAMM until you spot the guy with the hoody that says “ask me about op-z modules” haha
I’m hopeful that the opLab is going to be much more than just a CV/Gate sender, really looking forward to hearing more.

Has anyone found the guy and asked about the opz modules?

In a FB-group, someone who attended the Runyon-Canyon-PO-Modular-“happening” on saturday morning wrote:

"What I can recall from the discussions:

  • Sounds like the CV module will be out in “weeks vs months”.
  • I saw the second module, not sure if I can say anything about it… fun though
  • sampler module is definitely planned"

“they didn’t tell me to keep it secret but I think maybe they meant to. It’s all good though I think they’re coming out soon and the suspense is half the fun.”

“TE definitely didn’t want us to take any pictures of the modules. But trust us, these CV modules will be here before you know and you’ll be very happy with them. :)”


weeks vs months… lol

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First module is out.



ridiculous…for a few mini jack ins and out

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it’s way cheaper than the origional op-lab

I just ordered mine. Its more than jacks and ins and out. There’s some electronics in there.

The guide is also online


How fancy

Well…at least it gives youtubers something to talk about :grin:


It’s funny to read comments on Instagram asking if a “sampling” module would be next :joy:. If the OP-Z sampled it no one would buy the op-1 haha.

What is the easiest way to use the cv 2 and 3.
Will there be a special cable ?

it is explained in the guide
TRS cable


And on the other end how do you distribute it to cv 1 and cv 2. Or cv 3 and gate?

Y cable would work.
like TRS to dual TS mono

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