Op-Z Modules



I’ve been following closely. There hasn’t been any official suggestion of a sampling module. It’s conjecture at this point.


Yes but they probably will, all the ability is already in there, they would be crazy not to… I think they will wait to sell a bunch of op1’s but going forward the opz will get sampling I think, they can name their price on the sampling module and still sell all of them.


I’m sure (hope!) they will probably do sampling to. They already have a line input though and a mic, so they could use that.


Does anyone know when this will be back in stock? I love my OP-Z but it feels like a nerfed device without the connectivity this module gives…


I can only speak for German mailorders, mentioning it should be in stock end of June/early July. So that’s probably the time when retailers will start selling it.


Thanks for the heads up, I imagine it’ll be the same time frame for the US also. I’ll probably try and buy from TE directly if they’re selling it themselves


Looks like the “Rumble Module” is in development.


direct link to the Vid?


hopefully it’s the Moog Analog Filter Module.

at least it was something at an early stage with OP-Z. with a Cartridge labeled with Moog


Moog? Nintendo rumble!
But we need the nanoloop mono module!! :slight_smile:



@JohnnyEgo, the module page is shown for a second in this video by bruno kramm.


Is this related to the Basslet?


thx thx