OP-Z multitrack out over USB (like Overbridge)?

Does anybody know it is theoretically possible in future that the OP-Z could send all tracks separately to the computer via USB? This would be a feature I am really hoping for…


Would absolutely love this feature

No.1 Most wanted feature


My sources tell me this would probably be very CPU-heavy, so I’m not so sure it’s possible. But who knows, maybe a new module could fix it?

CPU heavy on the OP-Z side or computer side? You could probably increase buffer size to help with either case.

On the OP-Z side from what I understand. Yeah, there’s probably ways to work around it. Maybe limiting other functions in the OP-Z while recording Overbrige-style could also help reallocate enough juice to make it work?

most wanted. would be too awesome

This is an intresting question, and i am thinking about this for some time now.

Let‘s put the op-z asside for now.

As i understand, the usb audio class supports multiple channels, from what i have read at least 6 for surround… maybe as many as you like…

In a digital system there should be no processing overhead for multiple channels because you have to mix the the various channels into one stereo channel. This mixing should not be needed for streaming out the the channels seperate.

But the digitakt and the mc-101 both need special drivers to stream out the channels seperate. Maybe there is a reason for that… should be more easy to do it the classcompliant way than writing own drivers for various systems…

Maybe in real life the usb bandwidth is not stable enough to do this. So they have to compress the data and decompression can only be done in special drivers…

These are just my thoughts… maybe someone around here has some technical experience with usb-audio.
I really like to learn about this…

Are there any classcompliant multichannel audiointerfaces ???

even if USB bandwidth is not enough, the OP-Z has USB-C, which should be more than enough, you’d then just need an adapter into something with more power. But even so, I doubt it’s the USB limitation because you can get USB audio interfaces that stream 24+ channels of audio.

Yeah, i guess what i wanted to say is that it should be possible with some proprietary drivers.
I don‘t wanna see that… as soon as the company looses intrest you‘re lost on the next generation of your desktop os.

The cool thing about op-z is the class compliance.

I think classcompliant multichannel audio should be possible but i don‘t know a single device that‘s capable of it.
Maybe there is a reason…

If you have Clyph Pro and OP-to-LIVE 0.1 you supposedly can record all tracks separate onto Ableton Live. I bought the Clyph Pro and have the OP-to-LIVE .als file but not tested yet. Will do soon and post here.

See this link.

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Would be so helpful!