Op-z P1 and P2 on User Sample Slots

anyone know what Parameter 1 and 2 do to your user sample on Op-z?
it seems like P-1 just destroys my sample completely and adds a bunch of noise, and i don’t seem to hear a difference with P2. is there a way for TE to add more functionality to it?

User sample work through pcm sample player
P1 - crush
P2 - nothing


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It would be great if they’d add a few different options to pick for P1 and P2 for sample slots

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thanks for the info :blush:

and yes it would be great, maybe a simple time stretch would be cool :space_invader:


Please see a suggestion I made previously about the P1/P2 parameters for samples:

I actually like the crush, particularly on 808-ish bass samples or just to add grit. But extra juice would be good.