in the ios app, I would like to be able to stay and work on the mixing page without having to hold button on the op-z.
maybe some kind of screen lock switch or something like that…


I have so many suggestions :see_no_evil:

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Feature request: use the Rumble Module to give a little haptic feedback cue (like a little detent bump feeling) when the encoders reach the green centre point (and/or the upper/lower limits, or when the value type changes discretely rather than continuously).


good Point. :fire:

Since now you can disable the arp on the new firmware, it should enable the lfo mode just like the other tracks


Please change the p1, p2 parameters of instrument samples to sample start and length respectively.
This would allow us to expand the timbres in the OP-Z and access them by:

  1. Store sample chains up to 6 seconds in each sample slot.
  2. Up to 10 samples in the sample chain could be accessed in the 10 presets for that track/project each of which set P1/P2 sample start and length respectively.

This would allow much greater sonic flexibility effectively expanding from 40 instrument samples to up to 400 (4 instrument tracks x 10 presets x 10 sample/instrument slots)


It would be nice to have an option to disable these photo/video motion tracks (15, 16) and turn them into regular midi tracks with usable controls like, midi channel, bank, presets. I’m pretty sure that these tracks are wasted for most of us now.


Still no way around this one – step components are unusable with the oplab.

A global tempo option in the configuration json file. So if I change the tempo of the current project all other projects will be same tempo.

There is a screenlock for the mixerpage in the iOs app. You just need to press the mixer button + screen button.
I dont know when it was added but I read it somewhere on facebook and it works.


I was today years old when I learned that. Neat!

Is there’s a way in the config file to make this mixer + screen the only way to toggle with option?

Example: I lock my screen to the mixer, but when I hit the pattern button to change patterns, the screen unlocks. (A bit nit-picky, but i’m curious)

So with the addition of full sampling functionality and the new synth engines, being limited to 8 sound “plugs” per track for the entire unit is starting to feel really limiting. This more so is a problem when I start getting a lot of tracks or projects going on the device.

It would be very helpful if you could have a “master” sound plug folder in the OP-Z and then use the configure page to pick which track get’s which plugs PER PROJECT.

You could still put a cap on how many sound plugs are allowed overall, but right now with all the synth engines, if I wanted to sample a sound into my chord track, I’d have to remove one of the engines, and in most cases, I’m using each of those engines in one way or another somewhere else in the device on a different project.

Having the sound plugs be selected per project would not only help organizationally, it would really help expand the amount of sounds we’d have access to.



Cool. It works, thank you, TE!

Please. Please Do this.

I like most people will never use the DMX, or motion graphics.

This is a great Idea.

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I think you need to record both bass line and chords in a single key - then when you change key on the master track everything will change key…

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Yeah, thanks!

I’d like an option for a bit of a different workflow, ie. master track is tweakable to read AND/OR write note / harmonic info on a per track basis… So could could put a groove into the bass track without having any idea or thought about key, and then push it into line based on a nice chord progression.

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Hi all! :wave::slightly_smiling_face:
Day two of my OP-z and its quite amazing whats packed in such a tiny efficient package.

Things I’d like in updates.

  1. more customisable punch in FX options via the app or better still having user definable step component combinations saved in the punch in slots.
  2. an audio routing from FX1 to FX2
  3. for the photomatic to use small video clips to a second screen
  4. an two band eq and/or stereo enhancer on the master instead of the filter and chorus

apart from that the workflow is fantastic and the sound is top notch :ok_hand:


Nice :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible to create a piano roll / grid style sequencer within the app for more precise entry and adjustment of notes when using longer track lengths than 16 steps.

I would love to be able to switch mute groups without having to hold an additional button at the top of the unit. This would make it much easier to switch mute groups while playing another instrument. Being able to set up a chain of mute groups within a pattern would also be really useful.

I’d like to be able to chop a loop into individual hits that I could then export out as individual files. Chop on the z then export out to be used on another device like a sample based drum machine like a tr-8s or model:sample.

Enable multi sampling.