Hi folks!

I am opening this thread in order for TEENAGE ENGINEERING (who hopefully look in this forum once in a while) to get focussed customer feedback concerning the OP-Z.
I would like this thread to contain advice or requests for changes in the OP-Z and future updates.
Please be as clear and polite as possible and don’t go off-topic too much.
Thank you!


I’ll start with an obvious suggestion:

- Please implement sampling from line-in. This will make the device 100 times better :slight_smile:

sample trimming could be made possible with another parameter page with following functions:

  1. sample start
  2. sample end
  3. sample start smaller increments
  4. sample end smaller increments

set the midi out channels for each track on the device in the “module” track

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When changing parameters e.g panning or volume on the different tracks while using the app it would be nice to ”stay” at the current ”parameter-page” when you switch tracks.
its abit annoying to have to push ”shift” three times on every track when you need to adjust the panning on all eight tracks.


I have a few:

  • a few more modulation routings.
  • maybe a second envelope?
  • S&H and asymetrical waveforms for the LFO
  • On screen explanations for parameter 1 & 2 in the app
  • Preset naming in the app
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  • sample trimming like with the PO-33
  • recording pitch bend
  • a way to have more than 4 voice polyphony, maybe at the cost of removing the arp track in this mode
  • a module with FX send/return

@goose_bumps said:
set the midi out channels for each track on the device in the “module” track

I think this is already there, at least I’ve seen it in the app, haven’t tested it though.

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Team up with someone like Media Molecule to make some software that allows OP-Z users to generate easy asset based drag and drop music videos in the same way that Media Molecule came up with the ‘Make your own levels’ on Little Big Planet. It was a very successful and elegant solution to allow creativity to people who aren’t geeky enough to learn a 3D engine/modelling program.

Yes, let’s be able to record pitch bend.

How about making the app more integrated into the workflow, allowing drag and drop functionality with tracks/song parts?

I’d quite like to see the sequencer mirrored in the app so that I have a visual of the track structure, If that is already there, it’s pretty well hidden.

I’d love to have Dark Mode/OP-1 style UI in the app as an option. I think the original vector art and presentation was so easy on the eye.

Still fiddling around here so can’t say that the other suggestions aren’t bob-on but it’s a fun device and has great sounds, the battery life though…

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Still discovering magic daily with the op-z; here are some ideas, won’t even be mad if they don’t make it though… this thing rocks!

  • line-in or mic sampling; maybe trim area visualized via lights
  • Speech synthesis ala P.O. Speak
  • content mode via iOS
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Great idea for a thread while our wishlists are still fresh in our minds… Here’s mine:

  • Multitrack digital audio via USB
  • Dual domain synthesis in the app + multitrack Audiobus support. Don’t give up on this idea, TE!
  • Ableton Link support in the app
  • Automatically connect the OP-Z to the app when pressing the underside button rather than having to press the app’s scan button and then select the OP-Z
  • Direct transfer of samples from OP-1 over USB
  • Direct transfer of samples from PO-33
  • Animated gif support in Photomatic
  • +1 to pitch bend, S&H LFO, greater polyphony (sacrificing the arp track is a great idea!) second envelope, dark mode, speech synthesis (more use of mic and trrs line input in general, please)

More parameter pages / toggle option
In order to make more parameter changes (like sample trimming) possible, they could implement a toggle function for parameter pages. Say they wanted to add more parameter pages in future. It would make you have to skip through 5 or more parameter pages to get to the right one, which could be quite annoying.

If you could just disable a certain parameter page that you don’t need to access so often it would make things a lot easier.

I think the big thing would be TE’s beta Forum should be public now. Well, now that it’s out of beta we should all be able to see the forum they set up for the beta users. Maybe to see if they are seeing the same issues we are seeing?? I love this thing I just need more input while learning the Z.

What are the details of the dev for the modules, can pedal companies and or 3rd party peeps make things for the OP-Z?
WHat are the Pin outs, they have listed them for the PO series why not the Z?

# Patch app changes/mods;
More details in the app across the board?

patches or parameter 1 & 2 details or if it’s not good for creative or musical vocab? same fixes like graphics if there is no word or description similar to the op-1?

Fix the midi out on off App freeze?

DMX details/control or automation design in the app?

STEM Bounce options?

CV/MIDI / DMX / Visual- channels should be open source, so the third parties can dev for the last three channels
Like if VDMX or Syphon i/o could be added and or monitored

# Modules:
we already know the midicv is coming, sooooooo

  1. Multi Mono/ stereo outputs for drum and synth groups
  2. ILDA breakout ha ha ha
  3. ANALOG EFFECTS as cartridges
  4. DMX i/o breakout

I’m daydreaming but Have to put it out there!

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Ability to set a scale for a project, or instrument.


A decent multiple IO to hook up with a bunch of pocket operators and of course the OP1

@geesbert said:
A decent multiple IO to hook up with a bunch of pocket operators and of course the OP1


Also the ability to route the POs back into the OP-Z to send them through the OP-Z effects and pan them.
…and being able to let the PO-Sync run at half or double the speed.

2 stereo-outs and 2 stereo-ins would be able to handle 4 POs at the same time, as they are mono. SWEET!


Make the opz more stable. Keeps crashing every once in a while when jamming. It can be anything that triggers it but seems like punch effects and complex step components are the main culprits. So far I don’t feel comfortable using the opz live yet. I’m already on the latest firmware too and I shouldn’t have to do a factory reset.


Definitely IO for the PO’s!

Mine never crashed yet.

another suggestion: get rid of the glitchy sound of the volume knob. this is really annoying when trying to play a quiet piece at high volume.

Some suggestions for the iOS app:

  • Load multiple images at once in Photomatic
  • Animate/display automated parameter values in the app
  • More touch-based features in the app
  • App dark mode, punch-in animation toggle in preferences
  • Sample management, import/export via app

Just visually getting around the sequencer 2 main things get me still:

  1. Current track indication
    You can’t tell (just by looking at the machine) what track you are currently on.
    Its easy to accidentally make a change on the wrong track because of this.

  2. Parameter lock indication
    You can’t see parameter locks on the steps of the sequence.
    If not on a trigged red step, you wound’t even know to look for one.
    This gets me on the motion track a lot.

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An idea from @paletochen : When choosing option 9 random for any spark components, repeated pressing of the 9 button scrolls through lower to higher probability displayed with a flashing number amid the lit number LEDs.

Just like pressing 1-8 in the spark components repeatedly cycles which pass the event will occur on, but low probability to high probability (10%-90% or something).