OP-Z pops (only) over headphone out

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I apologize in advance, if this has been discussed already, but all that I’ve found is a closed reddit thread from about a year ago. (This one: https://www.reddit.com/r/OPZuser/comments/d0ll52/opz_noise_clicks_and_pops_on_battery_power_no_usb/ )

Recently I’ve picked up my OP-Z again and plugged in my headphones (DT990, to be specific) and two things happened:

  • when I plug the headphones in, a weird buzz comes on for a second. That happens, if I plug it into my interface as well. That goes away pretty quick, but …
  • whenever I start playing or trigger a note, I hear a “pop”, as if the sample doesn’t start clean. The guy in the reddit-post described the same thing. As if the sample doesn’t start/stop clean. When no note/sample is triggered for about two seconds, I hear another “pop” at the end.
  • There was an annoying “buzz”, whenever notes were played, but a factory reset and a upgrade to the newest firmware likely fixed that for the most part.

Have you experienced anything similar or have any clue, as to why that may be?
I have read that this might come from a defect part of the mainboard, but I still have hope, that I’ve just scrambled some settings :smiley:

Hope you have a good week!

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