OP-Z sample mode high pitch squeal

When I enter sample mode and hit record, all I get is a high pitched squeal and that is all that is recorded - a high tone noise.

Any ideas??

Try turning of volume, push the playbutton to start /stop monitoring.
Or use headphones

Nope, that didn’t help unfortunately. It was working ok earlier today. It just puts out this highly pitched noise now when I hit record

Factory reset :fire:

Track button? Is it the 440 reference or mic feedback?

I honestly don’t know what it is. The track button still gives out tone but this squeal when I press record while in sample mode is completely different and very high pitched.

Still sounds as feedback to me.


think so too

Turn the speaker volume down on the op

Mine does this too. Seems like a bug because when I try to turn off monitoring I still get the feedback squeal.

ah! it’s the USB sizzling, it is not within a Sample or a record it’s just the Output of the Op-Z! sorry iam using ground isolators with my mobile gear and definitely recommend those…it’s a problem with OP-1 aswell, at least under some circumstances!

haha it’s so nice to see all the old names again and this 2year and 5year reminder thing is awesome

Is your op-z output connected to a amp or daw?

no, it’s just coming out of the OPZ. nothing plugged into the OPZ headphone jack in this video.

There is your feedbackloop :slight_smile:

But pressing the “play” button doesn’t turn off monitoring. It always monitors when recording.

Ah i see ,in your video it appeared to stop the feedback sound when you pushed the play button.
When i hear the feedback i just turn down volume or use my headphone or use my soundsystem or the play button .

This issue is still happening on my device. Not only does it give out a high pitched squeal in record mode, it actually records that sound as well so I can’t sample ANYTHING.

Should I do a factory reset do you think?

Mine does that as well. I think it’s a bug and hope they fix it in an update. To get by I either cover the speaker with my thumb or turn down the volume of the OP-Z.