OP-Z Sampler update today?

The iOS app just updated with a “Sampling editor.” If you launch it, and try to connect the OP-Z, you see this:

Sampler update today?!?!


Highly likely! I just found this working download on their website.
I don’t have my OP-Z with me, so I was not able to test it.
Try at your own risk. It is not listed or mentioned on the website (yet).

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How did you find that?!

EDIT: Well, that firmware installs, but doesn’t appear to add anything at all.

ok. so i see that you can find a slot to prepare it as a user sample by holding an empty slot, app shows a purple bar!

hahaaaa the default sample introduces the new sample feature as a sample on all keys.

enter sample editor by pressing stop and rec after you’ve created a sample slot.

great! every key can play the whole sample at once would mean a lot of 12 second samples in parallel in full length on the drum tracks!

i#ve never seen a pitch range of samples this deep! what? :))))

you can press the plus and minus buttons 48 times in both directions respectively to shift a Samples pitch and even fine tune as fine as no one could imagine.

play button acts as a monitor on/off switch / track button as a reference tone.

it stops a running sequence to enter Sample Editor mode…because you have to press stop and rec the same time.

great to see the loop points and macro points + loop/one-shot features on drum samples. its grainy


Sounds cool! Can you elaborate on how it works?

I’ll add some infos

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It seems that you can only sample through the built-in mic, or an iPhone headset. I can’t yet make it record from a regular 3.5mmi jack cable.

hmm. the latch behavior is kind of strange with Arp on user Sample slots. it’s latching quiet fine when no sequencer is running but goes fully out of sync when starting the sequencer.

latching (notes + shift) works in the sample editor but just as long as you stay in sampler mode. cool thing is that it creates a melody sample by default on synth tracks but I don’t know which bell like sound it is and where it is generated from?

don’t know if its good or bad to Stop the whole sequence for sample editing… I prefer the always run the music priory’s

Shows up as USB input/output device.


Now this… this is amazing !!

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So I need to buy those “Y” adapters?

version 1.1.28 (1.2.5 in the documentation)


  • new sampling mode

  • 2 channel audio interface

  • full OP-1 sample format support (pitch, gain, playmode, reverse)

  • improved stability

  • support importing raw samples to drum tracks

  • apply track gain before fx sends

  • don’t allow copying empty steps

  • restart arpeggio with TRACK + PLAY on arpeggio track

  • don’t trigger gate step component if track is muted

  • toggle headset input with SCREEN + SHIFT

  • send clock out if enabled even though midi out is disabled

  • don’t loose clock sync when switching project via pattern change

  • fix broken parameter spark random setting

  • fix force save not working on project 1

  • fix inverted headphone gain levels dep. on impedance

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I have a two-ended cable with a mic/iphone remote in the middle, and it work, although the quality is terrible.

I can’t work out how to monitor the incoming audio, either. It is audible when you sample, but not before.

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its just a class compliant Audio device! Mac OS X


Now I need a dongle that turns a 3.5mm jack into USB-C audio.

Tried to sample directly from my iPhone via USB-C. It worked!
Connected the devices via the Apple Camera Lightning to USB-A Adapter and the OP-Z USB-A to USB-C Cable.

Perfect solution for my dawless, small and mobile Setup!
That’s OP-Z 2.0 if you ask me :raised_hands:


Do you think that it can work with one of those adapters + a 3.5mm stereo cable (PO sync) in the input, connected to the audio source?

you need a Y Splitter like those found with a Headset. mostly green for headphones and red (Trrs)for mic in. then manually toggling screen and shift (mic mode)

that USB feature is amazing!!

BUG: Step Components won’t work on trigless trigs with recorded Samples