Op-z - sampler!

There are murmurs on the Facebook page of a TE announcement on the OP-Z at Superbooth… so what do we think it is? A sampler module? A funky motorised lego crank system for the rotary knobs? A hefty price hike announcement? Some new synth engines?


EDIT - IT’S A SAMPLER MODULE… (or firmware update allowing it via the mic in maybe?)

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a poster of the op-z for £22…but its a limited edition one (ie; doesnt come folded up through the post).

I’d say it’s a hardware or software update, maybe both. If it’s hardware, I’d say sampler module. I’d prefer a cool software update though, I’m fine with using the OP-1 for sampling at the moment.

I hope it is some new effects for in the effect tracks.
Cow :slight_smile:

That would be so f:ing sweet!

Ooooo CWO would be sweet…

the TE stand is in the backing on this clip…is that a cowboy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9QPq4d3gvo

This guy!

aha, i see now.

Sampler! Take my money now! :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course they’ll make 5 of them and sell them only at the MOMA in NYC or summink. (unless it uses the mic input of course…)


It would seem it’s a firmware update rather than a module… :smiley:


They’re bringing sampling with a gawd damn update! How awesome is that!


Hopefully all we’ll need is one of these:

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wait what? how? in that clip in the instagram isn’t it sampling through the yellow ended cable plugged into the module slot? How else could the audio get in there?

Through the TRRS jack I’m hoping… (agree that the Instagram post suggests it could be the oplab module…)

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Pretty sure it’s through the TRRS jack, the people in the know on facebook are hinting at this. Bruno Kramm is due to release a video on his youtube channel later this evening, he’ll probably have the answers.

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oh wow that’s so cool. sampling via a firmware update would be the best



Short Demo on Facebook, showing sampling via the MIC like on the PO33.

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Fuck. Yeah.