Op-z - sampler!

omg. iam so hyped! and by the end of super booth we’ll have the OP-1 companion firmware with the leaked graphics aswell. please my lord.

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Sampling from Microphone or Headset. So Line in should work with TRS?


Props to TE for following through on their products here. Looking forward to the OP-Z firmware update especially.

and the 16! what a blast


Half of the recent TE anger in this Forum just blown away.


This is great news BUT sampling into the microphone or microphone bit of the mini jack is extremely limited.
STILL hoping for a module that allows for longer samples and kits that aren’t restricted to 12seconds :slight_smile:


Tobias said in the video there is maybe a module coming at some point but a free software update activating sampling possibilities is nothing short of amazing even when it‘s limited i think.
Brings the OP-Z we love to the next level.

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I am dreaming about a real sampling / looper module with a true line input and a SD card slot !!

Opz needs a live looping feature to be an even more crazy performance weapon !

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They (I think Bruno) said that sampling will also be possible over USB. I wonder how that works?

where’s the video?

It’s on the OP-Z Facebook group. Not sure if posted elsewhere.

Does anybody think this will be capable of resampling?

Hardware could do it I’d imagine but no idea if implemented. Hard to imagine how UI could do it.

I bet the usb-c is the line-in - you could use a 3.5mm headphone adapters to send audio through the usb jack, like you do on an iPhone?

would somebody mind to link the vid? don‘t like Facebook at all, don‘t know why it’s still in use


That’s not how it works on a phone. The adapter from C to 1/8 actually has a tiny a DAC built in.

here you go:

(from https://www.facebook.com/BrunoGertKramm/videos/10219644121198455/)
EDIT: updated link to new video

Maybe you can just use a class compliant audio interface for the ADC?

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What leaked graphics?

I wouldn’t expect this firmware update soon after watching that interview and hearing “very early stage” :smiley: