Op-z - sampler!


Agreed although Tobias went on to say “soon”.


somebody found some OP-Z related modes inside the actual Op-1 OS.
like Sync/Control modes with graphical visualization on the OP-1! :fire::fire::fire:


any link to this?


I have one that came with my pixel. Also have USB C headphones. Unfortunately neither do anything rite now. I hope that changes.





I’m not too much into the technical side of this…so I’ll ask:

  1. How good can the sampling quality be, if we can only use the TRRS?
    (considering it’s a mic-in not a line-in and most people want to sample line-in)

  2. Has anyone asked Bruno about the alleged USB-sampling?
    (Don’t have facebook)


@ 1.

I guess this depends on what you want to achive. For me it will be good enough but i will mostly use voice over samples to transport different moods and add another layer of atmosphere to my jams and tracks.

But I guess for a feature no one expected to be free and just a software update away everybody should be fine with the quality we get.

@ 2.

Yes, would be interesting if someone could clarify this.


Dudes, so excited for this. Maybe I’ll open my OP-Z soon <3

Thanks TE for adding this great functionality :smiley:


what’s the OS name of the new one? 1.1.27 is the latest?


You need to at least match the impedance of the line out to the mic input, which only requires a resistor and a capacitor, but the real challenge may be enabling the TRRS input, as discussed here:



The new one with sampling is not out yet. They said “coming soon”, so I’m guessing it is in beta.


this is a picture of the sampler in the app they showed at superbooth.

you will be able to trim and slice it on the opz. They are thinking about a module with additional line in, but nothing set in stone yet.

if i remember correctly, on the 4 drumtracks maximum sample length is 12 secends, on the synth thracks its 6 seconds, all in mono.

update is in closed beta, no release date yet.


i thought with the direct name of the OS, we could try to change the path, to see if it’s up for download, by just changing the OS name.

i‘ll wait


Try it! haha


yeah. but need the correct name of the OS.


I v can’t wait for this update to happen!


Me to. I wish they didn’t say anything about it until it was ready for release. Lets hope this doesn’t turn into the 2015 op-1 update

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