Op-z - sampler!

Looks like there’s a red icon on the right signifying it’s a “one shot” sample which hints that there may be options for loop and bidirectional.
Also theres a rumor they opened up more memory. There IS “at least” 1gb flash inside. We think

There is a video by bruno kramm on facebook, showing sampling audio via usb from his phone.


please Post the yt link

There is no youtube link sdly

or the videolink to watch it here


Is there a direct (no FB login required) link?

https://www.facebook.com/BrunoGertKramm/videos/10219322322753695/ does this works for you?

No No :upside_down_face:

here you go:

https://fbdown.net is your friend :slight_smile:


Cool! Does it also work with an iPhone/iPad?

In a German Facebook group, Bruno wrote today that the USB-audio-driver-feature seems to work bidirectional (meaning in- and output) with Android and iOS devices, Windows and OSX computers and even Linux distrubutions.


maybe that’s for dual synthesis modes where for instance a big reverb algorhythm runs on an iPhone while controlled within OP-Z.

at least it opens up, for a lot of processing through the Phone. Great.

I think you are assuming too much here… it is probably just audio streaming.

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of course but streaming on IOS means streaming through the whole system. Apps like Filtatron and Loopy HD, Garageband etc…list goes long. normally the OP-Z would then show up as an Interface.

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That would be really fantastic. Now the only question is, if it will have only 2 channels or more channels audio streaming :smirk:

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So it could output multiple channels to a mac like overbridge does?

I am all about adding coal to the op-z hype train, but I think that is a bit much to hope for rite now.


Multi-channel output over USB is a feature I’m really hoping for, but I doubt it will happen in this release. Maybe it could be a big feature for a v1.2/v2.0 firmware update or something.

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