Op-z - sampler!


Could this be more likely via Audiobus or similar?


It would likely just show up as a class-compliant audio interface, which Audiobus should be able to use. The hard part is getting the Z to split its audio channels and send them over USB, which is fairly processor-intensive for such a low-power board (and may even be physically impossible, depending on how the physical circuit was designed, although that’s the least likely option).


I’d be more than happy if it just could work as an audio interface, especially if I can use the line in at the same time. It would be cool to use the OP-Z as an interface for recording the OP-1 straight into the ipad, either to record into beatmaker 3 or just to run through a bunch of effects apps.

I can do it already by using a Zoom H41 and a powered USB-hub, but the less toos I need the better.


If its less than 6 mins, I just record to album and take the file off in disc mode. I have the zoom but I just use it when I need the mic and recorder same time.


A Roland Go mixer costs about £50