Op-z - sampler!

Could this be more likely via Audiobus or similar?

It would likely just show up as a class-compliant audio interface, which Audiobus should be able to use. The hard part is getting the Z to split its audio channels and send them over USB, which is fairly processor-intensive for such a low-power board (and may even be physically impossible, depending on how the physical circuit was designed, although that’s the least likely option).

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I’d be more than happy if it just could work as an audio interface, especially if I can use the line in at the same time. It would be cool to use the OP-Z as an interface for recording the OP-1 straight into the ipad, either to record into beatmaker 3 or just to run through a bunch of effects apps.

I can do it already by using a Zoom H41 and a powered USB-hub, but the less toos I need the better.


If its less than 6 mins, I just record to album and take the file off in disc mode. I have the zoom but I just use it when I need the mic and recorder same time.

A Roland Go mixer costs about £50



I played with it a little bit before I went to work. If I brought it with me I wouldn’t get anything done today.


Sampler is monophonic, ain’t it?

Yea…i’m about to take a quick Zed break at my day gig lol…

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No, some tracks are polyfonic. the drum tracks don´t as far as i know

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drumtracks can have 2 sounds per step…lead track 3…chord track 4 (would like a few more here)…

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