How long must we suffer?
I know September but y’know it’s way off!!!

Sounds really awesome! Too bad no special OP-1 related features listed.

Here’s all of it: https://teenage.engineering/products/op-z_preview

Interesting, I’m waiting for a live demo !

iam so glad that this is coming from TE. it’s huge in terms of possibilities. different tape machines etc.

september sounds awesome to get the cash in the right direction. it has a plastic/fibre housing and i hope it goes for 299.

iam so stoked. this App and the photo roll features. if i read correct you’re able to put 140 modulation combination on one step.

It’s a pity that they’ve succeeded in making the video part seemingly attractive to non-coders but limited only to ios users.
It would be cool if they could develop a pc software working via usb but it’s unlikely.
Nonetheless, the sequencer part looks great.
Hopefully, they’ll use sturdier jacks connectors than those on the op-1.

Heh. I alluded to this offloading of screen and CPU a few months ago. But from what had been previously revealed, it seemed logical where the “missing” pieces would come from and the value of omitting them in the first place.


I’m loving the features. I’m fearing the price.

I'm loving the features. I'm fearing the price.

The screen is one of the big expenses on other machines. I have a feeling the Z will be quite reasonably priced.

I was worried when I didn’t see a 3.5mm in jack. But then I saw that the 3.5mm jack on it is TRRS, so just need a cable to get audio in, it would seem. Also no mention of what the USB jack means for “charging and control.” Have they finally delivered a USB Host, or is that the same type of “control” you get with the OP-1? Overall looks exciting. But hard to tell how deep it is in terms of sounds – looks very deep for sequencing.

Are the 16 tracks hard-wired to the instruments and outputs they list?

instrument tracks
16 individual and independent synthesis, sampler and control tracks.

FX slot 1
FX slot 2
cv & trig

look at the modulation specs! i think it gets deep.

…btw the outputs on the top left haven’t been declared at all…wonder what a pattern out can do?

Price is the big issue for me too. Will they announce it at namm?

"160 user programmable patterns, endless patterns chaining"
with the ability to store multiple songs ?

The screen is one of the big expenses on other machines. I have a feeling the Z will be quite reasonably priced.

screen, amoled included, is dirt cheap compared to designing and building the software for the instrument, UI/workflow especially. same on the OP1.

My expectations: 600-800$. Sorry guys, seems to be worth it (and fair though).

"Release: September 2017"

ok. have to sleep a long time…
"Release: September 2017"

ok. have to sleep a long time..

I really like that there’s a good timeline to avoid over-GASing. Plus setting aside specific gear money rather than the gear-overflow funding that I’m always skimming dry.

32 weeks…

So that could be £15 a week if it’s round about £500. Hmm, it could be done. Do I have the self control.