OP-Z Tips and Tricks

Since I couldn’t find a post that collects all OP-Z tips & tricks here I thought I’d start one myself.

/////// Please feel free to post your favorite special tricks one the OP-Z ///////

Here are two tutorials I made, hope it helps you out!


both are really nice. especially the tape track panning and the scratching on vocal samples are really inspiring.

Great Job!

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Great stuff! How long did it take to piece together the epic mask?

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Thank you! It took me a day to get the basic structure…and then a few afternoons tweaking to finally decide that it’s done :slight_smile:
I didn’t go by any kind of instruction so it was a lot of trial and error

Thanks! I really hope they come out with some other type of soon for some extra weirdness.
Also LFO on the tape track…being able to modulate the finetune would make for some nice shaperbox-ish effects.


yeah, a few more fx and some modulation options would be killer. :innocent:

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another quick video of tips…

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Seems like this is still the closest to a general tips & tricks thread.

Here’s one I just stumbled on that’s guaranteed to save me a lot of headaches:

Quickly copying a step without deleting it

  1. Hold the step you want to copy
  2. Press - then + (or + then -)

This immediately copies the step and guarantees you won’t accidentally erase it in the process. Especially helpful if you sometimes lose steps when your device double-triggers.

Pressing + then - avoids changing the microtiming unless the step is at a maximum value (e.g., if a step is as far right as it goes and you select it, press + then -, it will now be slightly earlier).

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