OP-Z won’t connect to OP-Z app again!


Does any of you peeps have the same issue? I have two iPads, both iPadOS14.2, one older iPad Pro and the latest one. Same thing. The blue led goes green then red. I can connect via Korg BLE-midi, and both iPads can see OP-Z, I can use it as a midi controller, but the OP-Z app is dead. On both iPads. Tried to reinstal etc, same story. Anyone in the same boat? Ideas, help? :slight_smile: Thanks a million!


Thanks for the reply.

I wonder why TE hasn’t addressed it, perhaps they will soon. I rely on the app a lot for the visuals. Let’s hope the update is coming soon :slight_smile:

Just go back one IoS version. That works!

Ahh…, thanks, but not an option, I’m afraid. Let’s hope TE catch up with the new iOS updates.

Same with me - app not working.

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