Video synth? At their gig last year TE were doing live video from the stage. At least the OP-Z is a controller for this, if not also a generator of content?

Those holes at the top (in the teaser) seems like it would be for a speaker. Maybe some type of a mixer? Looks like a USB is involved? Tough to say. Definitely exciting!

Exciting! Yes, I can imagine a TE style mixer / arranger like tape on steroids. Can’t wait to see what it is!


I think the holes look more like the OP-1 microphone?

I’d be very excited if it was the OP-1 successor, but I, too, think it won’t be. Tape on steroids is a really exciting proposition, though.

So when’s the NDA expiring? Cuckoo help us :smiley:

EDIT: "Tune in on thursday at 10.00 L.A. time for a first batch of information"

EDIT EDIT: OMG it’s 10am HERE and I’m really damn far from L.A.!!

Yikes, we have almost 10 hours to wait!

I think the holes look more like the OP-1 microphone?

Great point.

I selfishly hope it’s not a replacement for the OP-1 (I’ve just bought an iPad Pro 128, so I’m skint!).

Will be watching this closely though - Anything new from TE is exciting :slight_smile:

Now, is that zee or zed?

Waiting patiently for announcements from Teenage Engineering to see if there’s any game changers on the OP-1 front.

I have no interest in the PO’s.

If nothing changes on the OP-1 front then it may be bye bye.

My vote is that it’s a box that allows you to have all the POs connected to OP-1, with some sort of mixing capabilities for handling the PO signals.

^ thats what I’m thinking it is too @piotr

Same here

if this is a mixer, i really hope for some stereo recording skills with extreme panning on the op-1. That ould make my op-1 a real universal instrument recorder.

fuck me

My hope of all hopes would be that it makes the OP-1 a lot more of a live performance instrument, somehow expanded memory and allowed backup and renaming of presets, tapes and albums. If it had mid in/out etc to negate the need for a OP-Lab or other USB Host that would be amazing too.

Only have a few hours left to find out I guess …

@spacetravelmadeeasy +1! exactly that! would be awesome!

@spacetravelmadeeasy Yes ! Can’t wait

April is the timetable for the new OS,

just enough time for all the Operator-1 forum members to get a OP-Z

whatever it is…