OP1 field dimensions and bags

As I gather, the field is just a tad thinner than the old one. Do you see any reason why a case for the old one wouldn‘t fit the new one?

I have the old semi-rigid case (the last revision for OG OP-1) with the velcro patch, and my OG unit fits very snug.

Here are the dimensions I’ve found for the OP-1 field :
28.8 cm x 10.2 cm x 2.9 cm

Here are the OG OP-1 dimensions:
28.2 cm x 10.2 cm x 2.7 cm

The Field is 6mm wider, not a whole lot more but might be enough for it to not fit in the old case, as I said it’s a very snug fit with the OG, the protruding power button on the field is a bit of a problem for this case, while I don’t think would be a problem for the old original case (the softer one with detachable pockets)…

I really like this one. Wanted to keep it for the field… you are talking about this one right:

Yep, if it wasn’t for the protruding switch it might have worked, the best thing would be to try out and see but I believe it will most likely switch the field ON at any attempt to insert the unit inside the case… and I suppose it will be a very very tight fit, not ideal…

Or maybe we could try to adjust it just to fit the power button… honestly it is my favorite case so far. Nice looking, protective and convenient… it should not be too difficult to adapt

I like the new case for the field, It looks very thin and not very protective but as I understand it should have a semi rigid panel to protect the knobs, I’d love to see how it’s made on the inside 'cause from the pictures looks to thin to be true! However yeah sure you can adapt the old case, a bit of a shame cutting it up considering the price it goes for…

From their website, the old case does not fit the new OP-1, but the new case does fit the old OP-1…

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Yes :sweat_smile:
The new white case looks nice but less protective. Yes a video review would be interesting. Anyway, I don’t know if it is on purpose to make people buy new cases that only the power switch prevents to use older cases…

Maybe a coincidence, the EVA mould on the old case was made to fit the OG OP-1 perfectly and the fact it’s very rigid prevents the new OP-1 field from fitting. In terms of look I like the new case better, in terms of protection i prefer the old case for sure, it’s made with protection as a priority and you can feel that the unit is very secure in there.

Yes the old one is even water-repellent. For the new case I think that it will be in a backpack, not as a standalone
Edit: the new one as well that’s cool

Anyone know if the old Unit Portables case might fit? Or the decksaver for the OG OP-1?

DeckSaver confirms the OG cover also fits the Field.



I’m hoping this is also the case (excuse the pun).

I ordered the leather one… #fashionvictim


I think it looks lovely. My only problem with it is that it doesn’t offer all-round protection which is what I would need if I was going to carry the thing around.

Does look really nice though…

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I will try to use the analog case of the OG in addition. I think it could fit

I orderd the field but thought about the leather. Maybe i want to change it back to the leather. What do you think? You think it is protective?

So the new leather one wit the analog case for the OG OP-1? You think it will fit?

If I remember well the analog case was not a perfect tight fit for the OG, there was some room so I think it could be ok for the combination of both.
I will try it out and let you know!

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Can anyone confirm OP-1F will fit in the Analog glide case without any issues like flipping the power switch ?

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