OP1 Field OS Update 1.50



Yes merge drop! Always thought this was a no brainer!


A dream come true for me.

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Still no fade tool, bummer for me.

And the anecdotal Terminal FX. Cool. But not something to write home about from what I just tried.

Still. Cool to get some bug fixes - anyone has any idea of which bug they fixed?


What is Terminal? Just curious as it will be a few hours before I can update. And Merge drop? Is it like drop + overdub?


new firmware update is great. played around with it a fair bit:

terminal: an effect that allows you to independently set:
– sample rate, range 100hz to 20khz
– bit precision: range 2 bits to 16 bits
– “model” which to my ear is a resonance + bandpass filter
– mix: same as most, from 0% set (i.e. 100% dry) to the opposite

merge drop:
– shift + lift while a loop is activated will lift/cut all audio from all 4 tracks, this is an old feature and has been there for quite some time
– what merge drop now allows is instead of only being able to drop all 4 tracks somewhere else, you can now with shift+drop drop all 4 tracks as one track which has been reduced to one stereo image (which includes all your mixer settings and panning etc)
– its very nice bc now you dont need to paste the 4 tracks into the drum sampler or some janky workaround


Thanks for the information. What is the procedure to merge a lift? Just Shift+Lift then Shift+Drop?

  1. just like in the past, place your start and end loop points to demarcate the start and end of your lift. once you have them placed AND the loop is enabled (hit fn 3 to toggle loop enable/disable) you simply hold shit and press lift. you will see while holding shift all your tracks within the loop boundaries will sort of light up with a yellow line.
  2. just like before, you can still drop all 4 somewhere else with drop button. however, now with merge feature, if you hold shift and then press drop, it will drop a full stereo image of all 4 tracks down as one single track.

Thank you!
I’m checking it out now.
I’m losing the stereo field when I drop. Are you hearing that?

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let be double check but i was almost certain it retained it all. what exactly are you losing? can you describe?

I tried a quick project with the Studio 4-track, just a few measures- four tracks, drums centered, percussion panned to the right, plucks on the left, synth centered. I made a loop, lifted, then dropped the loop in the Vintage 4-track and then again in the Porta 4-track and both times the stereo field collapsed, not quite to mono, but the panning is gone.

Next I’m going to test out dropping the loop in the studio 4-track to see what happens.

Edit: I don’t lose the stereo image if I drop on the same tape I lifted from, but I lose the stereo image if I drop into any other tape, even another Studio 4-track.

I hope it’s a bug that they’ll fix, merge/drop seems like a very useful feature but not as it is.


Brother give it some dang time, I saw you in another post saying you weren’t expecting anything from TE, and they just dropped an update. :sweat_smile:


Guess my honeymoon period with TE is over for good.
And my main grip at the moment is the whole EP-133 mess not fixed.

As I said, tho. Always cool to see an update of sorts.

But I do have to spend less time on these forums. Not a great place for me at the moment!

Thanks for the awareness call!

And as always, have fun with the new update!


Awh @Heyes this makes me sad :frowning:
I’m sorry about your experiences with the EP-133, that’s inexcusable (3 faulty units was it?)

While I do feel like this isn’t the biggest and best update for the field that i’ve seen, I am really pleased. I had previously requested (trying to find my original post) an effect with sample rate reduction and bit control to compete sample-wise with the Digitakt and Squid Sample from ALM, this, to me, has pretty much killed gas for those devices again since I can dial in the sounds I desired in the Terminal effect, right in the Field where I’d prefer it. To me it sounds really nice on samples and is working fun wonders on drums so I’m really pleased and I haven’t even started to use it in other ways, just very lightly.
I appreciate (but it’s a learned appreciation) that TE’s all seem to have wide ranges, and multiple use-cases. So all of them are not quite perfect, but really unique and different from what I can get elsewhere.

As for the Merge Drop, I mean… that’s just a great workflow improvement, bouncing 4 tracks to 1 without resampling the whole thing or clunky recording to album is really nice and I like that I can fill up 4 tracks, shift+lift and regular drop them back down (keeping all 4 original tracks intact (helpful later for DAW work) and then shift+bounce down elsewhere on tape to build up on top of that. I feel as though I have easy access to (really unlimited) but functionally at least 7 stereo tracks now without much hassle, and 7 is luxurious to me, more than I need I think…

Anyway, if it’s over it’s over, but I do hope you stick around!

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Bye bye. It was gezellig :wink:

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Nice bitcrusher. And the combidrop is great. Just like on the Tascam in the olden days.

Thanks for the kind words.
As always, your posts are like cotton candy for the soul!

I do think I may need to refrain on posting so much. I’m not in the greatest place right now vis a vis TE.

But I do love the community here, so I might just stick around.


Cool update, cool gear, cool vibes.
And that’s all that matters!



Has anybody else had an issue with merge/drop narrowing the stereo field when dropping to a different tape than the one lifted from?

just saw your edit. that explains why i could not reproduce it. ok so when you say a different tape, do you mean a different project or must this be a different kind of tape?

Good question! I’ll check.

Edit: The stereo field collapses even when dropping into a new project with the same tape style. So when using merge/drop the stereo field gets messed up in all circumstances except when dropping to the same tape in the same project.

When using the regular lift/drop of 4 tracks from one tape to another, the panning and volume of the dropped tracks is dependent on the mixer settings of the project I’m dropping in. So in the case of merge/drop they haven’t addressed what previously didn’t need addressing but now does.

What I’m curious about now is if the original volume settings are being considered in the merge.

I’ll check it out now.

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