OP1 Field - Price megathread

Hi - instead of price seeping into the bones of all OP1 Field threads, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a separate topic to divert people too if all they can see is the £$€.

For me, it’s about 2 things - value and fun. I think the amount you get in the OP1F combined with the different fun directions the workflow can take you, warrant the price. Each to their own.

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So you don’t want to talk about the price, but manage to name the thread after it, and talk about it 3 times in your post ^^

To me, the biggest thing on OP-1 is the Tape. Why? Well, you are bound to record audio instead of polishing your MIDI generated sounds, so it just replace the part where I record into a DAW, and makes it possible to do this outside the studio, or just for fun.
In this regard, the stereo input + signal chain was a thing I’ve been hoping for years, and I’m glad it’s there. I could have done with one or two additional stereo inputs, but this is already good.


I don’t think OP was saying they didn’t wanna discuss price, but to hopefully move price-oriented or weighted discussions to this thread instead. Your comment seems out of place and abrasive.

Personally, I paid full MSRP 11ish years ago when it launched. I paid a markup to a “crazy” $950 when I bought a second one, and most recently I paid $1200 for a replacement; the OP-1 is niche, and quirky, but it hits so many marks to me that I’d pay those prices for a decade-old “toy”. Paying $800 more for a new one with so many big updates, plus the certainty of future updates for more synth engines/functionality, it’s a no brainer for me. Thankfully I am fortunate enough to have the expendable cash due to being modest in every aspect of my life other than synth gear :man_shrugging:


As I mentioned before, what sucks to me is that a lot less people will be able to enjoy this wonderful machine, but I guess TE does not take Marx seriously…


I find it unlikely that TE are gouging their customers on price, but I suppose anything is possible. I’m not involved in any kind of retail or marketing but I’m pretty sure price is not decided on a whim, but deliberated intensely to strike the balance between making a profit and scaring people away/ destroying reputation. Idk, who would purposefully bring this much heat? I mean I guess all the controversy worked, they sold out of them.


Don’t forget get the main Field competitor: the original OP-1. This is fresh off Ebay:


Great product. Very different product. No musical keys for one thing. It’s a lot like fruityloops in hardware.