Open Open Battle #02 - what are you harping on? is it strange?

beat me. ?!!?!

I just don’t make rules.

just = breaks, but eliminates don’t.

try maker’s mark against your friendly neighborhood OP-1man.

open a beverage and see which instrument feels or vibes with pursuit of competing against the best of us might uncover.

does anime or how it is…describe a cartoon, or a fresh mountain breeze.



H͡ér̴e ̶is̀ ̶my̧ ͡t͞a̷k͝e o̷n it͏; OP͠-̷1͟ ̨m̶eéts͠ G͜l͘eét͢chl͘ąb. I͝ ͜u̢s͢e͠d̢ ͡t͠h͘e ̧déḿo ͞so͟ft̡w͞are,͞ w̧h̴ic͟h ̴o̴nly ͝g͞a҉ve̸ ḿe ҉8̕ min͜u̴te̛s a͞t ̵a ti̕me͞.͘ ͢But ̶t͡h҉át ̸hel͡ped̨ with̢ ͢f͞oc̢u̢s̡s͜ing ͏a͡ct̶u͢a̶lly̴.͘

Highly recommend the software, only 20 bucks: Softwares Gleetchlab Substantia Fantastic Voyage Berna Quadrivium

EQ and mastering in Ableton with Izotope elements


Errrh, what?

Syntax error.

Virus detected. 
Firmware possibly affected.

*Recommended solution: eliminating robordom with glorious 1 & 0’s that make sound.*

what is going on?

is this like an easter egg/ treasure hunt thing? this is the first time i see a battle thing. plz someone explain

my interpretation of an open battle is anything goes.

please use your OP-1 to and seek out your fame. are you lost in an anime cartoon world or video game? are you sitting atop a mountain in the cool icy breeze with skis, taking a break to mash on some keys? how graphic can you make your sound, and provide some feels to share around?

prepare to the best of your ability. others around here are already famous.

@256k “Open Open” means it’s OK if you don’t own an OP-1. Imagine you have one, and use any gear you own, it works OK. All you have to do is drop a track.

Usually there is a deadline, but @kln is in a floating mood.
At the end of the battle, everyone in the forum can cast a vote and choose their fav track. The “winner” gets to set the next brief. That’s how battles work, around here :slight_smile:

@rocksound this is magnificent — love it.
Currently listening to your other tracks, really enjoy the overall vibe, it’s beautiful.

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Thanks LyingDalai! That’s a great compliment coming from you. I’ve been roaming this forum for a while but only recently bought an OP-1 and decided to join.

I love you’re commitment to the forum, not to forget the others like @kln and @mixrasta, just to name a few.

So who else is going to submit to this open battle?


Pandora’s box has been opened, who knows what’s going to get out of it?

thank you! the cryptic messages confused me! i’m new OP-1 operator myself and looking forward to submitting something as a motivation to practice

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It would be glorious if this battle adopted a 2 week format (and kept it simple) since the OP-1 battles usually go on for 4-6 weeks, and are more like a creative project than a beat battle. I would be down to be a regular on this open format.

You may drop several tracks, you know.